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A Jewish vocabulary containing glossary terms of Hebrew, Yiddish and English dictionary explanations of words, terms, phrases, and Jewish, Yiddish and Hebrew expressions.

An asterisk (*) indicates a cross reference within this Glossary. All non-English entries are Hebrew unless otherwise indicated.

Gabbai: The person who assists in running the congregation services

Galus: exile; Diaspora

Gan Aiden: the Garden of Eden, aka the World to Come

Gan Eden: the Garden of Eden, aka the World to Come

Gaon: Head of Worldwide Talmudic Community of Yeshivas, Shuls, Bais Yaakovs, etc.

Gatkes: Long johns, winter underwear

Gefilte Fish: Ground fish, onions and seasoning, cooked in salt water

Gehenna: (also Gehena) Yiddish for Hell

Gehinnom: Hell

Gelt: (Yiddish) Money

Gemara: A commentary of the Mishnah; the Talmud consists of the Mishnah and the Gemara together

Gematria: The origin is not Hebrew but possibly from Greek "Geometria" -
Gematria is a systematic method of revealing and understanding Biblical exegesis through the relationship of Hebrew letters and numbers. Gematria applies to the Torah, Tenach, Prayer Siddurim and other such books.

Genesis: Bereisheit, the First Book of the Torah.

Get: Jewish divorce by Beit Din

Geulah: Redemption

Gevalt: (Yiddish) What happened? An expletive

Gevurah: lit., power and strength i.e., strict justice; the Second of the Seven Divine Middos or Attributes, and of their corresponding mortal middos or spiritual emotions

Gezunterhait: Yiddish for in good health

Gezunt-heit! (Yiddish) Good health! (This is said when someone sneezes or is used as a toast)

Gilgul: Turning, rolling as a wheel, the reincarnation of one's soul.

Gimmel: Third letter of the Aleph Beit, meaning mature, recompense, camel,
the Gematria for Gimmel = three

Glitch: A slip!

G-d: Creator and Ruler of everything. The dash is used in place of the middle letter out of respect and caution not to destroy or misuse His Holy Name.

Godal: Great

Golah: Exile, Diaspora

Golem: (Yiddish) A simpleton, fool

Gonif: (Yiddish) A thief

Goshen: Province of Egypt where Kal Yisroel dwelled until their Deliverance by Hashem

G-t: (Yiddish) G-d

Goy: Non-Jewish person, non-Jewish nation

Goyim: Pl. for Goy

Goyish: Not Jewish

Griben: Fried pieces of poultry fat, skin

Gribenes: Fried pieces of poultry fat, skin

Griveness: Fried pieces of poultry fat, skin

Grogger: A noise maker used at Purim

Gut Shabbat: Good Shabbat

Gut Yontev: Good Holy Day