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A Jewish vocabulary containing glossary terms of Hebrew, Yiddish and English dictionary explanations of words, terms, phrases, and Jewish, Yiddish and Hebrew expressions.

An asterisk (*) indicates a cross reference within this Glossary. All non-English entries are Hebrew unless otherwise indicated.

Ehdel: Refined, sensitive, see Aydel

Ein Sof-Light: The [Infinite] Creative and Enlightening Emanation that Radiates from the Infinite One

Eisav: Esau, Yaakov's twin brother

Elizer: Chief servant and talmid of Avraham.

Elohim: G-d, Judge, judges, gods. When used in reference to G-d it is pronounced

El - Oh - Keem: Instead of El - Oh - Heem

Emah: Mother

Eretz Canaan: The land of Canaan

Eretz Yisrael: The land of Israel

Erev: (lit., evening) The eve of [a Sabbath or a festival]

Eruv: (lit., mixing) Term used for several symbolic actions which aid in accomplishing what would otherwise be forbidden actions on Shabbat and festivals.

Esther / Sefer Esther: Book of Esther, See Megilla Esther

Etzem: An entity which is one integral essence

Exodus: Shemot, the Second Book of the Torah