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A Jewish vocabulary containing glossary terms of Hebrew, Yiddish and English dicitionary explanations of words, terms, phrases, and Jewish, Yiddish and Hebrew expressions.

An asterisk indicates a cross reference within this Glossary. All non-English entries are Hebrew unless otherwise indicated.

Ya'akov: Jacob the third patriarch, son of Yitzchok, grandson of Avraham

Yechidah: the innermost of the five levels of the soul

Yef Rawch: Blossom

Yenta: A female gossip.

Yerushalim, Nedarim: A book in the Jerusalem Talmaud

Yeshiva: Torah academy for advanced students

Yeshiva Bocher: Am unmarried young man studying in Yeshiva

Yesod; lit., foundation: the sixth of the seven Divine middos, or attributes, and of their corresponding mortal middos, or spiritual emotions

Yetzirah, the World of; lit., `the World of Formation'): the third (in descending order) of the Four * Worlds

Yiddishkeit; lit., `Jewishness'; Yid.): the Torah way of life

Yisroel: Israel

Yitzchak: Issaic the second patriarch, son of Avraham, father of Yaakov

Yetzer Rah; Bad inclination

Yetzer Tov Good; inclination

Yom-Tov: festival

Yom-Tov Sheni shel Galuyos: one of the days which only in the Diaspora is appended to each of the three Pilgrim Festivals

Yud: tenth letter of the Aleph / Bais

Yud-Beis and Yud-Gimmel Tammuz; `the twelfth and thirteenth of [the month of] Tammuz'): chassidic festival marking the anniversary of the release of the Rebbe Rayatz from incarceration and exile in Stalinist Russia in 1927

Yud-Tes Kislev; `the nineteenth of [the month of] Kislev'): chassidic festival celebrating the liberation of the Alter Rebbe from capital sentence and imprisonment in Petersburg (1798), after having been slandered to the czarist authorities by his opponents