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A Jewish vocabulary containing glossary terms of Hebrew, Yiddish and English dicitionary explanations of words, terms, phrases, and Jewish, Yiddish and Hebrew expressions.

An asterisk indicates a cross reference within this Glossary. All non-English entries are Hebrew unless otherwise indicated.

Zaavan.: Son of Eitzer, brother of Akan and Bilhan see Genesis 36:27

Zaftik: Pleasantly plump

Zaw Cha: Arrogant, haughty, proud

Zaw Kayn: Elder

Zayde: Grandfather in Yiddish also an older man...

Zayin: Seventh letter of the Aleph Bais, Gematria value of seven, meaning adorn or arm..

Zeyde: See Zayde

Zero'a: A shank bone from a kosher animal now days a chicken

Zeyde: See Zayde

Zimri: A prince of Yisroel who was killed by Pinchas when he deliberately violated the Torah of Hashem by cohabitating with Cosbi and publicly flaunting their relationship.

Zi Kay Nim: Elders

Zohar; lit., `radiance'): classical work embodying the mystical teachings of the * Kabbalah