Robbie Montoya, A Catholic Christian conducted an interview with Dr. Akiva Gamliel for her Religious Studies Course at Metro State College, Denver. These are a few of the questions from that interview.

Are people born in the religion?

What is the process of converting to Judaism?

How Often do you attend Temple per week or month?

What is the history of the religion? Countries of origin?

Have there been many changes in the traditions throughout the years?

What is the hierarchy of the religion, higher positions than Rabbi's?

What roles do men and women have in the religion?

What scriptures are written, and how were they created?

What is the main beliefs of the religion?

Are there any dietary restrictions?

What holidays are there, or special days of worship, or rituals?

Who or what are significant historical events?

MP3 Audio’s
Interview With Dr. Akiva Gamliel Part 1

Interview With Dr. Akiva Gamliel Part 2

Interview With Dr. Akiva Gamliel Part 3