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Shalom Dear Ones,

G-d Willing, The Rebbetzin and I plan to blog live for about an hour TODAY.  It would really be nice if you would join with us at 3:00 P. M  and again at 8:00 PM Eastern Time Zone.  This is free time for everyone to ask questions, share thoughts and interact with others...  We look forward to you joining with us.  If you have any questions about blogging send them to us at the Email below...


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-d Willing we will be checking this Email address every hour from now until we blog.

Thank you!

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

Dovi Gold has requested that we discuss 'Fear' {in Red} and Shield {in green}.

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Shalom Dear Ones,

We will try a little different type of blogging today that we hope will be better for everyone.  We will begin with this post.  You are invited to post a comment or ask a question about this weeks Limood, Bereisheit 16 anytime.   G-d Willing the Rebbetzin and I will check for your comments and questions every few hours today, 01-11-09.  Feel free to comment on others  comments.

Our intent is to provide a format for learning for B'nai Noach in Ha Torah this week.  Please discuss your interest. Please post your comments TODAY or through out this coming week.  Let's learn together... It is not necessary to answer each question.

Bereisheit 16.1

Bereisheit 16 begins with a comment Avram's wife Sarai had not borne him children.  The custom then was a wife was expected to bear children within 10 years.  If not the husband could divorce his wife.  The husband could take a second wife.  This custom still exists today.

1. How do you feel about this custom?  

Ha Torah Says, 'He {G-d} Will love you and will Bless you, and multiply you; And He Will bless the fruit of your womb...' Devarim Deuteronomy 7.13.

'You [B'nei Yisroel] will be blessed more than all the peoples; there will not be among you a sterile male or barren female...' Devarim 7.14

2. How do you feel about this custom in light of what Ha Torah Says?

Bereisheit 16.3

As a result Sarai took Hagar her handmaid and gave her to Avram her husband to be his wife. 

3. How do you think Sarai felt about this custom?

4. What was Avram's obligation in all this?

Bereisheit 16.5

Sarai said to Avram, ''The insult against me is your fault...''

Bereisheit 16.6

There is friction between Sarai and Hagar.  Hagar runs away.  

5. What was Hagar's obligation?

Bereisheit 16.7

6. What does it mean 'An Angel of Hashem found her...?   Was Hagar lost?  Who was the angel that found her?

Bereisheit 16.8

7. What is the meaning of the Angel inquiring to Hagar, 'From where have you come and where are you going?  Who was Hagar?

Bereisheit 16.9

Hagar was instructed, ' Return to your Mistress and submit yourself to her.'  

8.  How do you feel about this?   How do you think Hagar felt about this?

Bereisheit 16.10 -12

Hashem Uses the Angel to deliver a special message to Hagar.

I Will multiply your descendants...

You will conceive...

You will give birth to a son...

You shall name him Yishmael...

Hashem Has heard your prayer...

There is much to consider here.  Ha Torah mentions that Hagar prayed.  The prayer is not recorded. The prayer was to Hashem.  

9.  What do you think Hagar said in her prayer?

10. What is the meaning of Yishmael?  What is the Gematria of Yishmael?  How does this figure?

Bereisheit 16.13,14

Hagar calls the well 'Be'er Lachai Ro'i'

11. Why?  What is the meaning of this?

Bereisheit 16.15

Hagar has a son.  Avram, names him Yishmael.

12.  How did Avram know what to name his child?

Bereisheit 16.17.

13. Why does Ha Torah give Avram's age at Yishmael's birth?

I look forward to your thoughts, questions and comments.  It is not necessary to answer or comment on each question.  This is a Limood starter. Again, our intent is to provide a format for learning Ha Torah this week.  Where is your interest in this week's Limood.  Please discuss your interest. Please post your comments TODAY or through out this coming week.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel


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