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Authored by Dr Akiva Gamliel Belk 

Dear Ones over the years through thousands upon thousands of hours of study many very special Gematrias have been revealed to me over the decades. With the assistance of those who dearly love our Creator, I have compiled a number of gematries through the first 10 chapters of Genesis. God Willing other books will be following...

What is Gematria? Gematria is a ancient study process used in interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures by computing and comparing the number values of a Letter, a Word or a group of Words and their relationships. Gematria is a Greek word that has come to be recognized as the study of Hebrew Letters, Numbers, Words and Phrases  in The Torah. 

This is the first in a series of Five Books, God Willing.

Gematria is a unique beautiful key that when properly used can open doors to what is intentionally hidden in The Torah. Gematria is a form of Kabbalah, i.e Jewish Mysticism that allows some access to portions of the Scriptures we would like to know more about. Through diligent study and application of Gematria we are able to go deeper in to the hidden learn and more of what there is to discover about God, Angels, Humankind, Creation and much more. In this book we weave back and forth through the pages of the Torah exploring how to have a tranquil life.  The flood in Noahs age was not tranquil but it teaches us about tranquility. The world that then was not tranquil but we can sift through the pages of Hebrew for unique discoveries. 

The Bible is a Book of many mysteries for Christians, For Noachides and for Jews. Each will find my book to be exceptionally interesting as hidden truths are unwrapped and revealed for all to enjoy. 

Within the Bible are the Five Books of Ha Torah, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The conundrum within Ha Torah is different than within the rest of the Bible. Why? Besides what is hidden in Ha Torah there many quandaries. Within Ha Torah there is a system of Hebrew Letters which each have a numerical value. The numerical values can reveal many interesting, perplexing, bewildering and mystifying relationships within the Hebrew Letters, Words, Phrases etc. of Ha Torah that I discuss in this book. Some call this numerology. Others call this Gematria. I call this a study of Oh Toht / Signs.

When in daily study of the Five Books over the past decades various Oh Toht / Signs were unveiled to me as well as to other scholars of much greater stature. It is a special honor to share some of these signs in this book after years of preparation.

A great deal of Oh Toht is about relationships. Hebrew Letters share ties with numbers that unveil many principled secrets if one knows what to look for. No matter how much information is known about certain Hebrew Word or numbers only a small portion is known in comparison to the entire picture. I have been gathering, compiling and organizing for many years kah nah nah haw raw. Many years can pass between one discovery to another which forms a bridge between two discoveries. Revelations are the product of many bridges. Enclosed in this book are some of these special relationships. 

There is a special sweetness in sharing a Torah Gematria / Sign during a wonderful Shabbat or High Holy Day meal.

Course: Mysterious Signs Of The TORAH In GENESIS is written in the order of the Weekly Parshat in Genesis. Each Chapter / Parshat will have and audio discussion using Mysterious Signs Of The TORAH In GENESIS as the textbook. Audio duscissions will accompany each chapter / Parshat. The cost for the Audio Discussions and this  course are a donation of any amount. Anyone can SIGN UP for them. Those that sign up will receive the audio link for each Chapter / Parshat each week along with some questions. Please feel welcome to ask questions and to comment in this blog as you desire. REQUEST THIS COURSE by sending an email to

Learning To Pray In Hebrew

Lesson 1

Dear Ones EVERYONE is welcome to take this course of study. Christians are welcome. B'nai Noachides [Children of Noah] are welcome.  Spiritualists are welcome. B'nai Yisroel [the Children of Israel / Jews] are welcome. EVERYONE is welcome. 

Dear One our goal is to learn how to pray in Hebrew. Praying in Hebrew is a process that will require some time and practice. In the Jewish Community throughout the world men and sometimes women gather every morning to pray. It's nice to know some of our classmates are among this group. At B'nai Noach Torah Institute we normally gather at:

Morning Prayers
6:30 am

Afternoon Prayers
3:00 pm or 5:30 pm or 30 minutes before night fall

Evening Prayers
Immediately after nightfall or 9:00 pm

Textbook: Schottenstein Edition Interlinear for Weekdays / Sefard apx cost $17.09 - $33.29 

Order Textbook:
Go to:
Click on Artscroll.
Click on Books.
Scroll down to Siddurim / Prayer Books.
Click on Siddurim / Prayer Books.
Scroll down to Prayer Books - Hebrew with Interlinear English.
Click on Prayer Books - Hebrew with Interlinear English.
Click on either Prayer Books: Interlinear: Weekday - Full Size
- or - 
Click on either Prayer Books: Interlinear: Weekday - Pocket Size.

Dear Ones we appreciate it when you purchase products through our links because we receive a commission.  Thank you.

The cost of this course is simply a gift of any size. Try this course for a while. See if this course is a blessing for you. 

Dear Ones more than twenty years ago I developed a course for individuals to learn Hebrew. I wrote a book entitled Very Basic Hebrew 1. The cost was $39.95. We sold copies through our daily radio broadcast. About 15 years ago I developed a program entitled Hebrew For Beginners 1. This is a very simple audio with a few pages of supporting notes. It is available at the Learning store for $13.00 plus a $5.00 shipping and handling charge for those in the lower 48 states. However it is now available as an internet download. If you know little or nothing about Hebrew then Hebrew for Beginners would be very helpful. Many of our classmates have purchased this Hebrew For Beginners. Our purpose is NOT to teach conversational Hebrew.  Our purpose is to teach Prayerful Hebrew. As the original language of the world so that individuals can pray in Hebrew and can Bless there Creator in Hebrew. The cost for Hebrew for Beginners download with notes is a contribution of any size.  We want you to receive the most this course has to offer.

Dear One if you have no means at all to contribute that is OK. Simply do a good deed for a parent or grandparent or a neighbor or someone in need in honor of our Creator. Thank you!

Audio Discussion:

Introduction 1

Moh Deh 

Questions for us to reflect on - Please type answers into the blog comments.

1. Notice that our first prayer [Moh Dehy Anh Nee] does not have our Creators Name in it.  Why?

2. When should one say Moh Dehy Anh Nee?

a. After sleeping the entire night without any intruptations.

b. After dozing, napping, sleeping for about thirty breaths in and out.

c. Immediately upon awakening.

d. All of the above.

3. This is a discussion question. Discuss why we pray. Five lines max.

4. When we rest our physical body is supposed to relax and renew.  What about my soul?

How is my soul refreshed?

5. What would you like to gain from  this course?

6. What is the cost of this course?

7. What is the cost of Hebrew for Beginners.

May the Lord bless each who study and pray.

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

dr_akiva_09-28-12.jpgDr Akiva Gamliel with an old friend, His Prayerbook.

Learning To Pray In Hebrew

Lesson 2

Dear Ones we continue with our course of study, Blessings and Prayer [Barchot Vih Tifillah].  Again, Everyone is welcome to take this course. For additional info on the course see lesson one.

In This weeks discussion our focus was on being persistent in learning Hebrew prayers of praise. You will learn in this course if you are persistent.  We are not in a foot race.  It is OK to learn at the pace most comfortable for you.  As Daddy would say, may he rest in peace, 'Keep on keeping on.' 

I share four stories in the introduction audio. Each story is intended to encourage you to study with us and to learn prayerful Hebrew. It's BEAUTIFUL!  Yes I can... Yes I can... 

:Also those of us who began in week one and did there studies learned that in Judasim and in beliefs we say montras. Most of us do so without realizing this.  What is a montra?  A Montra is a form of prayer that we repeat over and over like I Love You O' Lord. I Love You O' Lord while at the sametime we concentrate on an Emanation of our Creator like His Mercifulness or His Wisdom. As we meditate, i.e. think on these Words we relax. We are attempting to slow our mind down from the horse races all around us. We want to spend time drinking in the Mercifulness or the Wisdom of our Creator. We use our strength to focus on the Words we are saying and how they relate to our Creator. We prepare our mind to think and to study.

Last week we learned four Words in Hebrew. One can memorize these prayerful Words and repeat them time and again at work, driving on the highway etc. Worshiping our Creator in Hebrew is Wonderful and beautiful. This may be a new experience for you so take your time be cautious and go at your own spead. 

Audio Discussion
Introduction 2

Ray Sheet Begins


1. One purpose for prayer is to Calm us down. True / False

2. Persistent is required for learning Hebrew prayers of praise. Are you ready for the long haul? Will you dedicate time to learn prayerful Hebrew?

3. Discuss what you know about montras?

4. What does it feel like to you to slow your prayers down a little and let them enter your being?

May the Lord bless each who study and pray.

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

Introduction - The Sign

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Dear Ones

EVERYONE is welcome to take this course of study about Gematria.. Christians are welcome. B'nai Noachides [Children of Noah] are welcome.  Spiritualists are welcome. B'nai Yisroel [the Children of Israel / Jews] are welcome. EVERYONE is welcome. 

Dear One's our goal is to study the 10 Chapters of Genesis from Adam to Terach Abraham's father. 

Here, in our introduction we discuss the relationship of the Gematria 406. We focus on the relationship of how the world needs a sign.  The world is always looking for a sign. Well, dear ones we learn from the Gematria 406 that with holiness, or through holiness or in holiness we can be that sign. How?  One of the important meanings of Holiness is 'separation'. When we separate from things that are not holy the world notices. When we separate our language to be pure and clean the world notices. When we separate our selves to good works of caring for others, showing tenderness, mercy and lovingkindness the world notices. Thus through our actions we become a sign.

Signs tell us to stop and to go. Signs caution us. Signs direct us. We can do all of these things if we are willing to be the sign. 

On the front cover of this book there are three Hebrew Letters that say, Ha Oat, meaning  'The Sign.'  I hope that you will listen to the audio and consider joining us in our discovery of Gematria Revelations in Genesis. Gematria offers special sweetness around the Sabbath Table. 

Course Cost:

Purchase Textbook: $18.95 Pre-Order Book Here.

Gematria And Mysticism IN GENESIS

Make a contribution of any size... Donate Here.

Try this course. See if you receive a blessing from our Creator.

We are going to review the front and rear cover of Gematria And Mysticism IN GENESIS.


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