Genesis 18 - An Appearance from Hashem

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Journey Through Genesis

Genesis 18

An Appearance from Hashem 

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk 

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

Bereisheit [Genesis] 18.1 - 33 

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Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr Yochanan Bond, Jim Beaudry. Lee Davis, and Steven Reynolds may they rest in peace.

Shalom Dear Ones,

We are learning Bereisheit 18 [Genesis 18].  Avraham is 99 years old.  This is the third day after his Brit Milah. He is in great pain.  Hashem Comes to visit Avraham in a vision.  Ha Torah Says Hashem [Spirituality] Appeared to Avraham,   Bereisheit 18.1.  This is where we begin.  It is here in this Perik [Chapter] that we learn about visiting the sick when Hashem Visits Avraham.

Bereisheit 18.1

1. Has anyone experienced a vision or a dream of the Creator?  Avraham did.

Bereisheit  18.2

2. How should be treat guests?

Avraham lifts up his eyes and observes three men [Actually angels]  Standing above him.  They were messengers of Hashem.  This is the first eight Words of Bereisheit 2.  The last seven Words of Bereisheit 18.2 are to be separated from the first seven.  The Angels have departed.  They are at a distance.  Avraham runs to met them.

Bereisheit 18.3 - 8

Avraham has a special meal prepared for them.  Remember Avraham was 99 years old Sarah was 89 years old.

3.  So ladies, how would you feel if out of nowhere your husband cam rushing in on day before Pesach whey you are cleaning and making Pesach preparations and says,  'Hurry make some cake rolls from the finest flour... we have guest that are waiting?

Bereisheit 18.8-16

Avraham and the Angels talk.  One Angel Reveals to Avraham a message from the Creator. Sarah will have a son.

4. How old was Chavah when she bore Shet? How old was Yochoved when she bore Moshe?How old was Na'amah when she bore her first child?  (See Sefer HaYashar).

Bereisheit 18.17-19

Hashem Reveals to Avraham that he will be a great and mighty nation.  The entire world will be blessed through him.

5. Notice Passuk [Verse] 19.  What is so special about the Word wyn:B;, Baw Nawv, meaning children?

Bereisheit 18.20-33b

Hashem Reveals that Sedom is going to be destroyed because of their wickedness. Avraham intercedes on behalf of the righteous of Sedom.

6. Why did Avraham stop at ten righteous?

G-d Willing we will be checking back throughout the day and week to respond to your comments and questions.

Blessings Love, Health, Prosperity, Kindness and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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