Genesis 17 - Genesis Change Essence

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Journey Through Genesis

Genesis 17

Changing Essence

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

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Shalom Dear Ones,

Thank you for joining us on the B'nai Noach Torah Institute blog this week.  We are learning Bereisheit 17 [Genesis 17]. G-d Willing I will be checking back today 01-18-09 and throughout this week to read your comments and answers some questions. You are invited to post a comment or ask a question about this weeks Limood.

Bereisheit 17.1

1. When does Avram's name change?

Avram is ninety-six years old and his name is still Avram.  In Passuk Hey [Verse 5] Avram's name is changed to Avraham.

Gen. 17:1

µynI-v; [v't´¢w" hn:¡v; µy[iàv]TiAˆB, µr:+b]a' yhi¢y"w"

la´¢AynIa} wŸyl;ae rm,aOYªw" µr:%b]a'Ala hw:@hy" ar:ŸYEw" 

 .µymiât; hyEèh]w< yn"¡p;l] ËL´àh't]hi yD"+v',

2. What do you feel Hashem Meant when He Said to Avram, 'Walk before Me and be Perfect'?

Notice the last Word of Passuk Aleph [Verse 1]. 

µymit;, Taw Meem means honest, innocent, harmless, upright, naive, whole, full, complete, entire, flawless and unblemished...

The Word Taw Meem occurs 54 times in Ha Tenach.  The first occurrence is Bereisheit 6.9 when Ha Torah States 'Noach was flawless in his generation.'  The second occurrence of Taw Meem is here in Bereisheit 17.2. The Gematria of Taw Meem is 490. 

In Bereisheit 15.2 Avram was 70 years.  Ha Torah Records Avram's statement,  'My Master, Hashem, what will You Give me since I continue childless and the administrator of my house is Eliezer of Damascus?'  It is interesting that the tenth Word is yrIyrI[}, Ah Ree Ree, meaning childless.

Gen. 15:2

yrI-yrI[} Ël´¢/h yki`nOa;w" yli+AˆT,TiAhm' h~wIhyÖ yn:•doa} µr:%b]a' rm,aOY§w" 

.rz<[≤âylia' qc,M≤àD" aWh¡ yti+yBe qv,m≤¢Aˆb,W

Avram's contention was '[Hashem[ You have not given me children.'  In last weeks Limood, Bereisheit 16, it was Sarai, Avram's wife, who said, 'Hashem has restrained me [Sarai] from having children.'  This was 15 years past Bereisheit 15.2.  This is when Sarai gave Avram her handmaiden, Hagar. When Avram was 86 years old he has Yishmael. Something changed.

The Gematria of Taw Mee {perfect} is 490.

The Gematria of Ah Ree Ree {childless} is 490.  

490 = µ40 y10 m40 t400

490 = y10 r200 y10 r400 [70

3. What is the connection between these two Gematrias? What does not having children and walking perfect before Hashem possible indicate?  What one thing did Avram lack?

Bereisheit 17 .2

The last two words are repeated.

  Gen. 17:2

 .daoêm] daoèm]Bi Ú¡t]/a hB≤àr"a'w" Ún<-ybeW ynI∞yBe yti`yrIb] hn:èT]a,w"

The Gematria of daom], Mih Ohd, meaning to increase.  When we have two of the same Words following each other as in  daom] daom]Bi Ha Torah is Saying Greatly increase.  The Gematria of Mih Ohd is 45. In Passul Bet [Verse 2] Hashem is Saying to Avram, I Will My Covenant between Me and you, and I will multiply you [i.e.. your descendants] exceedingly.  It is interesting to note that the Gematria for hl;Wag", Gih Voo Law, meaning to redeem or redemption.  

Mystically I see redemption being multiplied exceedingly.

45 = d4 a1 m40

45 = h5 l30 w6 a1 g3

G-d Willing we will learn more later today and this week.  I plan to add more to this discussion later. Please think about Bereisheit 17.  It would really be wonderful if you would join us in sharing your thoughts .  I would really enjoy hearing from you.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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