Blessings 1 - Class 3

Blessings and Prayer

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel

Lesson 3

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Dear Ones we continue with our course of study, Blessings and Prayer [Barchot Vih Tifillah].  Again, Everyone is welcome to take this course. For additional info on the course see lesson one.

Dear Ones in this lessons discussion we are going to expand on the concept of the prayerful soul. We must understand the difference between humankind and the beast of the field is our prayerful soul.  Please read page XX of The Schottenstein Edition Siddur For Weekdays With An Interlinear Translation.

Is prayer about distance? Our Textbook, i.e.  The Schottenstein Edition Siddur For Weekdays With An Interlinear Translation is over 250 pages for morning prayer. Is our goal to complete 250 + pages every morning? NO! Yet, many Observant Jews will say the majority of these prayers each morning in less than an hour. These individuals are very skilled in there prayers and worship. Some of us possess a different type of soul. It is not a soul designed for distance. Trying to make distance by saying all 250 + pages from a prayerbook each morning could be a source of discouragement.  You may have a prayerful soul. Your prayerful observance may be one of fewer words with greater concentration on the words being said.  Both type of prayers honor our Creator.   Both types of prayers are necessary. Both the Distant Prayer and the Soulful Prayer are important. The souls of both pray. It is our prayers that separate us from the beast of the field. Human kind was created with a higher order. The higher order is to pray. 

At the beginning of the day one is in a hurry to begin daily responsibilities. Yet one has this important obligation to pray.  In the middle of the day one is in the mix of important responsibilities. Yet one needs to stop for a short break to pray.  At the end of the day when one needs to unwind one should unwind through prayer time. Prayer is NOT intended to tie one in knots. Prayer is the path that leads to releasing these knots. 

Short bursts of prayer throughout the day are wonderful!! It is great for the prayerful soul to spring forth like a fountain with Words like מודה אני לפניך מלך חי ( I give thanks before you Oh living King) or ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד (Blessed is Your Glorious Kingdom for ever and ever).  Dear Ones this is the purpose for this course. Our goal is to learn how to be that prayerful soul. Our goal is to be that fountain that bursts forth with praise.

The above Words are employed often. Notice the following pages: 

Page 9 first line

Page 132 last line

Page 359 last line

In addition if one were to say the Creator's Name unnecessarily they should say these words:

ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד

ברוך Baruch


Shaym שם

Is the Name

Cih Vohd כבוד

Of His Glorious

Mahl Choo Toh מלכותו


Lih Oh Lawm לעולם


Vaw Ehd ועד

And Ever

Audio Discussion:

Introduction 3

Ray Sheet continued


1. What do many of us define prayer to be?

See page XX of the Schottenstein Edition Siddur For Weekdays With An Interlinear Translation.

2. What makes humankind different from the beast of the field?

3. Define a prayerful soul.

4. How does one release tension through prayer?

Please record answers in the blog.

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel


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