Genesis 41 - The Trauma of Yoseif an Osnat

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Journey Through Genesis

Genesis 41

The Trauma of Yoseif an Osnat © 

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC



This Devri Torah Parshat is in the loving memory of Joyce Duff bat Na'amah, Carrie bat Brachah Rivkah, Martha bat Sarah, Sharon bat Vivian, Sarah bat Chavah, Jeanne C. W. Pierre, Joseph Adam Pierre, Louella P. Bienvenu, Barbara Pierre and Terrill B. Thomas may they rest in peace.

This is an excerpt from my new book entitled The Mysteries of Ha Torah Revealed... G-d Willing to soon be published... Kan Nah Nah Haw Rah....

'In Parshat Mikeitz an interesting name surfaces. The name is אסנת Osnat, wife of Yoseif.  When we think of אסנת Osnat we should immediately think of אשרי Ahsh Ray... We should think of her as an individual who is praiseworthy.  We should also think of תקוה Teek Vaw...  We should think of Osnat as a woman of hope and expectation.

As a child Osnat was driven from Yaakov's house by her uncles according to Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer. This was because her uncles were concerned that people would speak of licentiousness in their tents.  They were concerned that people would think that they were morally perverse.  As a result Yaakov engraved a metal plate and put it around Osnat' neck to protect her.  The metal plate was engraved with words to the effect that Osnat' parents were Shechem and Deenah and that whoever married her would be marrying a relative of Yaakov's family.  


At this point Osnat was placed under a bush in a field and left.  Her name is a derivative of the word Si Neh {thorn bush}.  Through providence a Malach {messenger} took Osnat from under the thorn bush to the house of Potiphar in Egypt.  He and his wife raised her as their own daughter.  Twenty-two years later Pharaoh ordered that Osnat marry Yoseif to vindicate Yoseif from any guilt brought on by the false accusation of her foster mother, Potiphar's wife.  Potiphar's wife accused Yoseif of sexual assault.  It is at this point that we make mention of the fact that the Midrash points out that at every birth of Yaakov's sons a twin daughter was born.  The purpose was so that the sons could marry sisters as wives.  However when Yoseif was born without a twin sister this was a sign that Yoseif would marry someone else, Osnat.'

May our Creator ASSIST EACH OF US who have struggled with trumah and difficulties in life to see His Purpose and how these struggles fit into the puzzle of our life's...  Kan Nah Nah Haw Rah....

Many blessings of Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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