Genesis 15 - I [Hashem] Am Your Shield

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Journey Through Genesis

Genesis 15

 אָנֹכִי מָגֵן לָךְ

I am your Shield ©

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC



Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of  those that gone on before us, may they rest in peace. 


Bereisheit [Genesis] 15.1 - 21

When we examine the Gematria of   אָנֹכִי מָגֵן לָךְ Aw Noh Chee - Maw Gayn Law Kih, meaning I [Hashem] Am your Shield is 224.  In Ha Torah we make a lot of stir about Hashem being Avraham's Shield.  In our morning prayers, in the very first blessing of Shemoneh Esrei we say, 'O King, Helper, Savior and Shield. Blessed are You, Hashem Shield of Avraham.'  The Schottenstein Edition Siddur for Weekdays With An Interlinear Translation (Mesorah Publications, Ltd., Brooklyn, N.Y. first edition 2002) pp144,145

Our Sages Teach B'nei Yisroel to be extremely careful when repeating this first Blessing of Shemoneh Esrei.  We try to use all our power to concentrate on this IMPORTANT BLESSING.  Why?  Every Jew has a Divine Spark from Avraham.  Every Noachide has a Divine Spark from Noach.  No matter how far one drifts this Divine Spark is NEVER extinguished!  The Divine Spark ALWAYS BECKONS us to return to the Way of Hashem!  But that is not all!

The Gematria o אָנֹכִי מָגֵן לָך, I Am your Shield Mystically Teaches us.  The Gematria for ˚]r<D<, Deh Rehk meaning Way is 224.  As in [Hashem is the] Way. Or as in [Ha Torah is the] Way... The Way of Hashem is hr:hoF]hæ, Hah Tih Hoh Raw, meaning clean / pure.  We are to walk in purity in cleanness on the path Hashem Has Given us qyDIXækæ, Chah Tzah Deek, meaning, like the righteous.  We we see Avraham we see our great Patriarch on the way.  We see him as righteous.  We see him as clean and pure.  This tells us something about being shielded by Hashem. We in turn should be on the path, the way.  We should be righteous like the righteous.  We should be clean and pure.  Being on the path shields us.  Being righteous shields us.  Being pure shields us.  Ned I say anything about how television programs DISRUPT being on the path, being righteous and being clean and pure.

224 = ˚20 l30  ˆ50 g3 m40  y10 k20 n50 a1

224 = ˚20 r200 d4

224 = h5 r200 h5 f9 h5

224 = q100 y10 d4 x90 k20

If we examine just the word Maw Gayn, meaning shield we notice that the Gematria is 93 which is also the Gematria of ab;x;, Tzaw Vaw, meaning host.  Through out the first several chapters of Bamidbar the word Tzaw Vaw occurs in sixty different verses.  This has to do with each tribe being a force a host. The point being is in gathering together in groups to serve for protection. The Gematria of hl;jænæ, Nah Chah Lawh, meaning inheritance is 93. Part of the inheritance of B'nei Yisroel is Hashem Being our shield.   µk,yjeb]zIw", Vih Zee Vih Chay Chehm, meaning Our Sacred-offerings are like a shield.  These are obligatory offerings.  The obligatory offerings are a Command a Mitzvah.  The point is that in keeping / guarding the Observance we receive a shield.

93 = ˆ50 g3 m40

93 = a1 b2 x90

93 = µ40 k20  y10 j8 b2 z7 w6

93 = h5 l30 j8 n50

May we have the desire and the courage to walk on the path in righteousness and in purity!  May our Observances of Ha Torah and love for the Creator help to protect us!

Blessings, Love and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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