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Chapter 4 

Being Scattered Among The Nations

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

Lesson 5

Textbook: A Sincere Journey Ends Without JESUS

Ask Questions

Why Are Jews Scattered Among the Nations?

A  Sabbath Vision

Dear Ones our parents, children, grandchildren, siblings and other relatives should be our nearest and dearest to us. In that order. Our responsibility is to them them first.

It seems to me like if an individual has questions they want to ask that they should feel free to ask those questions to who every there Spiritual Leader is.  At B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC, we want our Classmates to feel like our door is open for them to ask questions.  We want our  Classmates to feel warmth.  We want them to feel like we have an open door for them to come in sit down, ask any  questions unobstructed and to feel really welcome. We want our Classmates to know that we accept their individuality. We are not threatened by them. We do not threaten back...

I would like to speak to the mistakes of MY PAST.  Decades after returning to Judaism I realize that this individual was created with serious aggression, not hostile behavior but a readiness to fire right back and a readiness to defend my position.  This was necessary to an extent because I was attack often. Look on the internet. These attacks still continue.  In those days, my Rabbi would communicate to me that I was suspicious of everyone. He was right!  Please keep in mind that he did not have missionaries showing up at his door every week or have the Apostle Paul writing to him etc.  Dear Ones when a Spiritual leader leaves Christianity a great deal of misery follows. Reprimands follow... severe rebukes follow... chiding follows, scolding follows, lambasting and berating follow, chastising follows, admonishes follow castigations follow and eventually isolation follows. One eventually reaches the point where isolation surrounds them.  The Rebbetzin says 'life becomes intense.'  It does!  

The very day we went online with B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC we received an attack letter from a Messianic Christian. 

I was standing in line at a market when a Messianic got in line behind me. He began his attack immediately. I requested to be left alone.  He refused. Eventually the store manager had the man removed from the store.  He was at the exit door waiting for me.  

This man followed me to my auto and continued to blast me while I loaded my car.  With these types of people there is no reasoning. There is no logic. They just believe.  For the most part they are always right. So instead of arguing with them I say I am not interested in discussing the Bible with them. I invite them to study with me on the internet.  Very few ever do. The kind of issues that need discussing require time. 

On one hand it is good to stand up for what one beliefs and on the other hand is also good to not feel threatened or to make someone else feel threatened.  After returning to Judaism I was constantly being placed in a position of having to defend my return. Part of the time I brought this burden on myself.  I sought to mix it up. DON'T DO THIS!  Mixing it up with Christian Messianic's is really not the way to go. Through the years it is easy to develop an aggressive personality that is not attractive to those who really desire to learn and get the answers to questions. In addition to this there is the Yeshiva style of learning.  It can be very intense. Individuals who are not acquitted with this intense type of learning could be very intimidated and frightened.  It is understandable why one might be  worried about how approachable another is.  This is why the internet is so popular. One can approach from a more secure place.

All said and done please feel welcome to approach us and to ask questions. 

In our second audio we discuss being scattered among the nations.

B'nai Yisroel is dispersed among the nation because we didn't observe the Commands given to us by our Creator. One of these Commands that some of B'nai Yisroel has failed to Observe is the Sabbath.  For hundreds of years after the Christian Testament was written Hebrew Christians continued to worship with Observant Jews in synagogues throughout the world. Then they began worshipping on Sunday.  Now hundreds of years later Messianic Christian have returned to worshipping on Sabbath. This is good.  This is a step in the right direction. Yet the issue is that some of us did not Observe the Command regarding the Sabbath.  We participated in scattering B'nai Yisroel among the Nations.  Christians that try to get B'nai Yisroel to worship on the first day of the week do a great dis service for all of us.  Why? These are the type of actions that contributed to dispersing B'nai Yisroel. If Christians want the Messiah to come they need to support B'nai Yisroel in keeping the Sabbath.  Dear Ones when B'nai Yisroel Observes the Sabbath we are a sign.  The sign says the L-rd G-d Created this world in six periods and then rested on the Sabbath.

The third audio is a discussion of a Sabbath vision I received.

Discussion Questions.

1. Asking questions is important. We want those who learn with us to ask questions. What do you want to ask?

2. It is real serious that B'nei Yisroel is scattered among the nations.  Why is B'nai Yisroel scattered among the nations?

3. Messiah will not come until the scattering ends! What can we as individual do to stop the scattering? 

4. Discuss Shabbat. Why is it important for B'nai Yisroel to rest on Shabbat?

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

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