Q n A About Jesus 2

Chapter One

A Jewish Soul Cries Out

Pages 1 - 11

Dear Ones,

Dear Ones EVERYONE is welcome to take this course of study. 

For information on the Course - Q n A About JESUS please visit Chapter One

2 Audio discussions accompany Chapter One of my book entitled: A Sincere Journey Ends Without JESUS. These audios share why individuals who do not feel like they fit in there family, or in there Sunday School Class, or in there Church or there religion have these feelings.   If one feels like they are odd or strange there is a reason.  If you see things from a a different perspective that your parents or teachers or spiritual leaders there is a reason.  Would you like to know why some of us have these experiences? 

First purchase my book.

Read the Preface

Listen to the audio - A Sincere Journey Cries Out

Read Chapter 1

Listen to Audio 1 -  A Jewish Soul Cries Out!

Listen to Audio 2 - 3 Mystical Words Of the Torah

Dear Ones are you troubled by some of the things you read in the New Testament?  Have you sought answers to questions in the Bible that seem to be out of your reach? Write down what troubles you. Post it in this blog.  Let's discuss what it is that troubles you. Many answers are revealed with very careful Bible Translation.  Some answers are in the Talmud some are in Midrashic writings of our Sages some are in the writings of Adam.

I look forward to reading about your journey and your experience and your concerns. 

These audios also share a little information on why I have Issues with Jesus being God, or the son of God and issues from the Christian Testament.

I look forward to learning together,

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

Founder of:

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC


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Author of over 1,000 Bible Audios

Author of :

A Sincere Journey Ends Without JESUS

Mysterious Signs Of The Torah In GENESIS

Gematria And Mysticism In Genesis

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