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Course: Questions n A About JESUS

Course Textbook: A Sincere Journey Ends Without JESUS

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Course Cost: The cost of this course is simply a gift of any size. Try this course for a while. See if this course is a blessing for you. 

Dear Ones over a number of years while studying the Christian Testament I became aware that Jesus is not God, Jesus is not the son of God, Jesus is not the Jewish Messiah and Jesus is not a Prophet. The news was shocking tome. It was devastating.  At that time I was the Pastor of a Fundamental Independent Baptist congregation.  I consulted with relatives, close friends and Pastors regarding my findings. There response was to try to believe more. God was testing me. One said I was to educated. My education was a problem. Others shook there heads in disbelief. Within a few months I was rejected and isolated.  Other individuals who have studied with me over the years found the same type of treatment.

In the early days a few Messianic Christian Pastors visited my home and office. I received a letter from the Apostle Paul. Eventually I was informed that I was an apostate and would burn in hell for rejecting Jesus, God Forbid!! The Christian love was gone. 

Now after more than twenty years I published a book about my life entitled A Sincere Journey Ends Without JESUS. The purpose of my book was to tell my story and in doing so explain why I no longer believed in Jesus as stated above. At that time I owned several printing establishments.  More than half my business was from Christian Churches, Pastors etc. My decision did not make good business sense. In short order all this business went elsewhere. 

Neither then nor now do I have an ax to grind with Christians. My intent is not to encourage or to solicit Christians to convert to Judaism. Over the years many former Christians who have had similar experiences as mine have written to me desiring to convert to Judaism. I strongly discouraged each of them. Jews are not evangelical. We do not go door to door looking for converts. We do not preach on street corners etc. We do not witness at bus stops or in bars or at work. Looking back on this aspect, I now think that strongly discouraging former Christians from converting to Judaism was not the best choice and I no longer do this. I understand the rabbinical position regarding conversion but it is really necessary to consider the position of the one desiring to convert. We have made some enemies when we should have made friends.  Life is filled with difficult choices. I think we are making some mistakes when it comes to conversion.

The purpose for this course / blog is to discuss what I learned decades ago in the Christian Testament.  The purpose is to encourage open conversation about the Christian Testament and Jesus. Dear Ones EVERYONE is welcome to take this course of study. Yet, I will be strict with the boundaries. This is NOT an open forum for Christians to argue there doctrines or beliefs. I will provide references and ask questions that anyone taking this course will be expected to respond to.


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