Genesis 7 - The Final Seal!

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Journey Through Genesis

Genesis 7

The Final Seal! ©

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

 Bereisheit [Genesis] 7.1 24

Our Devri Torah Limood is in the loving Memory of Leann Daniel, Kathleen Travis, Mary Ila Warren, Cloyd Burke, may they rest in peace.

Dear ones we are going to look at Bereisheit 7.16 and Bereisheit 36.6.  Please notice the last three words of Bereisheit 7.16:

Wd"[æBæ    h    y  h   w   rGOos]yiwæ

Vah Yees  Gohr - Hashem - Bah Ahd Voo

He, Hashem Enclosed [them] and sealed [them in the tavah]...  They were especially protected.  Notice why? Those that came were male and female from among all flesh they came LIKE Elokim Commanded [Noach], then He, Hashem enclosed [them] and sealed [them in the tavah]...

The first word, Vah Yees  Gohr  means He Enclosed them!

The third word Bah Ahd Voo  means Hashem Stood in front of the Tavah door.  He Sealed them in!   Then Hashem placed wild animals like bears surrounding the Tavah to prevent them the evil beings from boarding the Tavah or destroying it. Sefer HaYashar (Hoboken, NJ: KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1993) p.19

They came like G-d Commanded Noach.  They came in pairs one male and one female.  Sometimes we want to do things our own way.  That will not work if G-d Has Not Commanded it!

They benefited from observing the Command of G-d.  

They were shut in the Tavah.

They were sealed in the Tavah.

In Bereisheit 36.6 we read, 

Eisov took his wives, his sons, his daughters, all the people of his household, his livestock, all his animals and all his possessions that he had acquired in the land of Canaan, and he went to a land away from his brother, Yaakov.

Again notice the last three words in Ha Torah:

wyjia; bqoøO[æyæ ynEP]mi

Mee Pih Nay - Yaakov - Aw Cheev

...away from the face of Yaakov his brother.  Eisov represented a threat to Yaakov so our Creator Sent him away to protect Yaakov and his relatives.

We have two interesting phrases here that have similarities.

387 = w6 d4 [70 b2    h5    y10  h5   w6    r200 g3 s60 y10 w6

387 =  w6y10 j8 a1  b2 q100 [70 y10   y10 n50 p80 m40

In one instant Noach is Commanded By G-d to bring all the animals into the Tavah.  Noach did this.

In the other instant Eisov is sent away with all his animals and relatives etc. 

Both of these phrases are a Gematria of 387.   Both have a Letter which is representative of the circle of life, the Mem [m] and the Samech [s] .  Both have a visual Letter in Ayin [[].  Vah Yees  Gohr - Hashem - Bah Ahd Voo Has the Letter [w] Vav 3 times which equals 18 [yj] life.  Hashem Enclosed them and Sealed them for life!  Each word has a Vav.

18 = w6 d[b    h    y  h   w6    rgsyw6

Mee Pih Nay - Yaakov - Aw Cheev Has the Letter [y] Yud 3 times.  Eisov was very powerful.  He and his family were feared.  Why would he have left Eretz Canaan after living their for over a hundred years.  It was because Hashem Sent him away from the face of his brother, Yaakov!  Each Word has a Yud!

30 =  wy10 ja  bq[y10   y10 npm

So in our discussion we observe several was that our Creator protects us from those that would hurt us.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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