Genesis 8 - The Upheavals Ends

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Journey Through Genesis 

Genesis 8

The Upheavals End, The World's Most Horrific Storm Ends Peace Returns ©

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC


Our Devri Torah Limood is in the loving Memory of Mr. Jim Beaudry and Author Davis, Sr., may they rest in peace.

Bereisheit 7.11

In Year six Hundred of Noach's years of life in the second month in the seventeenth day of the month in this day all the fountains of the deep burst forth [volcanic lava] and the windows of heaven were opened [torrential down pour]. 

Using the Gregorian Calendar as a point of reference the flood date for 2008 would have begun on 11-15-08 or last Shabbat, Parshat Vayeira.

Bereisheit 7.12

And the water was upon the earth for forty days and forth nights... [17] ...and the waters increased and lifted up the Tava and it rose above the earth. [18] The waters were powerful and increased greatly on the earth. [19] ...[the waters] covered all the highest mountains [peaks].  [20] up to 30 feet. [21] All flesh that moves on earth  perished; in birds and in animals  and in beasts and in all creeping creatures upon the earth and all humans.  [22] Everything that had with nostrils with a souls breath of life, from all on dry land died.  [23] Every living substance was on the face of the ground was obliterated...and only the remnant [of the earth] Noach and those with him in the Tava survived.

Bereisheit 7.24 And the waters prevailed on the earth for one hundred fifty days.

Bereisheit 8.1

Hashem Remembered everything from Aleph to Tav of  Noach and all the life and all the animals that were with him in the [Holy] Tavah. And G-d, He Caused Spirit on the earth and the waters subsided. [2] The fountains of the deep [volcanic lava] were closed and the windows of the Heaven [torrential down pour].  [3] The waters receded continually from earth.  The waters were diminished at the end of one hundred fifty days.

Bereisheit 8.4

The [Holy] Tavah rested in the seventh month on the seventeenth day of the month on the mountains of Ararat.

The flood began in the second month the seventh day.  

2nd Month 13 Days remaining days

3rd Month  30 Days 

4th Month  30 Days - There were 30 days on this month.  5769 has only 29

5th Month  30 Days

6th Month  30 Days - There were 30 days on this month.  5769 has only 29

7th Month  17 Days beginning days


Total Days   150 Days = 

The [Holy] Tavah Rested in the Mountains of Ararat in the seventh month on the seventeenth day of the month.  This was 04-11-2009 of the Gregorian Calendar.

Bereisheit 8.5 The waters continuously diminished until the tenth month. In the tenth month the mountain peaks became visible. 

The 30 feet of water depth that covered the highest peaks on earth and all land had diminished.  These means Mount Everest in Asia at 8848 meters / 29,028 feet and Mount Aconcagua Mendoza in South America at 6962 meters / 22, 841 feet and Mount McKinley in North America at 6194 meters / 20,320 feet and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa at 5895 meters/feet and Mt Elbrus in Europe at 5642 meters / 18,506 feet and Mount Vinson in Antartica at 4892 meters / 16, 050 feet and possible even Mount Evans at 434 7 Meters / 14,264 feet in Colorado in the United States became visible. How do we know this?

Mount Ararat is 5165 meters / 16,946 feet. The waters had diminished from nine meters / thirty feet ABOVE Mount Everest 8843 meters / 29.028 feet to the point where the mountain peaks in the area of Mount Ararat could be seen.   Do the math.

Highest point of the waters was 8843 meters {Mt Everest} PLUS an additional 9 meters = 8852 meters.

Highest point of the waters was 29,028 feet {Mt Everest} PLUS an additional 30 feet = 29,058 feet.

The mountain peaks around Mount Ararat became visible in the tenth month. Again Mount Ararat is 5165 meters / 16,946 feet.  The waters diminished from 8852 meters to below 5165 meters.  The waters diminished more than 3690 meters by the tenth month and by more than 12,112 feet. WOW!

From the time of the seventh month the seventeenth day until the tenth month the twenty-seventh day the [Holy] Tavah rested 99 days. This began a period of 40 days plus 7 days plus 7 days and plus 7 days which led up to the day of judgment, Rosh HaShanah.  The 40 days began on the eve of  07-19-09 of the Gregorian Calendar, which is the [27th day 11th month of 5769 FC.

The 40th day ended on 08-28-09 of Gregorian Calendar, which is the 9th day of the 12th month of 5769 FC.  There are several key words found in Bereisheit 8.6.  Ha Torah Says, 'at the end of forty days'.  When does the day end?  The day ends with night fall.  It was at the end of forty days that the raven was sent out.  This was Erev Shabbat.

Seven days later on the 16th day of the 12th month the dove was sent out.  The dove returned. This was Erev Shabbat. 

Seven days later on the 23rd day of the 12th month the dove was sent out a second time.  The dove returned in the evening. This was Erev Shabbat. 

Seven days later on the 1st day of the new year 1657 FC which begins at evening which is the first day of the seventh month the dove was sent out and did not return. This was Erev Shabbat.  This was Erev Rosh HaShanah of 1657 F.C.

Another key series of words are found in Bereisheit 8.11.   The dove came back at evening. 

Bereisheit 8.6

And it was after 40 days Noach opened the window of the Tavah which he made.  [7] He sent out a raven...

This was on the eve of  08-29-09

[5769 FC]

Bereisheit 8.7

[Seven days later] He sent the dove to see if the waters had subsided from the face of the ground.  [9] The dove found no rest for her foot so she returned to the Tavah...

This was on the eve of  09-04-09 [5769]

Bereisheit 8.10

[Noach ] waited another seven days and again sent the dove out of the [Holy] Tavah. [9] The dove came to him toward evening and behold, there was a tore olive leaf in her mount.  Noach knew then that the waters had diminished from the earth.

The olive leaf was a sign to Noach that peace had returned to the world just seven day before Rosh Hashanah which was the first judgment after the flood. 

Bereisheit 8.12

[Noach] waited another seven days and sent out the dove. [The dove] did not return to him again.

Bereisheit 8.13

And it happened in the six-hundredth first year in the first month on [day] one that the waters from upon the earth had dried.  Noach removed the covering of the [Holy] Tavah.  He looked out and behold the face of the earth had dried.

This is Rosh HaShanah - The day of Judgment for the entire world.

Bereisheit 8.14

In the second month on the twenty-seventh day of the month the earth was dry.

Bereisheit 8.15

G-d Spoke to Noach, Saying, [16] Depart from the Tavah...

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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