Genesis 24 - What Do the Letters Zayin, Kuf and Nun have in Common ©

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Journey Through Genesis

Genesis 24

What Do the Letters Zayin, Kuf and Nun have in Common ©

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk 

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

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Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Margie Adler,  Joshua Goodman, Sylvia Good man and Gerald Goodman may they rest in peace. 

Gen. 24:1

   :וְאַבְרָהָם זָקֵן בָּא בַּיָּמִים וַיהוָֹה בֵּרַךְ אֶת־אַבְרָהָם בַּכֹּל

And Avraham was an Elder with many days and Hashem Blessed Avraham in everything.

First, we observe that the Letters z Zayin, q Kuf and ˆ Nun spell the Word  זָקֵן  Zaw Kayn, Elder. The normal Gematria of Zaw Kayn is 157.  The Gematria Miluy Godal is 807. 

 Second each Letter when spelled out concludes with a Final Letter. 

 זָקֵן Zah Yeen, meaning arms, weapon, male organ, seventh Letter of the Aleph Bet.

πWq Koof, meaning the eye of a needle, the hole of an ax handle the twentieth Letter of the Aleph Bet.

נון Noon, meaning to degenerate, to decline, fish, fourteenth Letter of the Aleph Bet.

Third each letter represents an import event in Ha Torah.  The Letter Zayin Represents Shabbat, the Day of Rest, the Day Hashem G-d Ceased from all His work and rested.  The Letter Kuf Represents the age of Avraham when Yitzchok was born, one hundred  The Letter Noon Represents the fifty days we count between Pesach and Shavuot. 

We can move the Letters placing of   זָקֵן Zaw Kayn, Elder to spell zQenI Nee Kayz, meaning to drain, to be drained or qz≤nE Nay Zehk, meaning loss damage harm injury.  Each of these Words share the Gematria of 157.  Each of these Words share the same Letters.   Each of these Letters Represent important times.  However when the Letters are moved around we have very different meanings. The Letter Zayin {7} on the right of Kuf flows to the left to the Letter Kuf {100} in the center.  The Letter Nun {50} on the left of Kuf flows to the right towards the Kuf.  The Letter Kuf Represents hv;Wdq] Kedushah, Holiness.

The Letter Zayin Representing bh;z Zaw Hawv, meaning gold flows to the left to towards the Kuf, towards Holiness.  The Letter Noon Representing rnE Nayr, meaning candle, and hm;v;n" Nih Shaw Maw, meaning our Soul join together to flow to the right towards the Kuf, holiness. So we have the candle of the Soul flowing towards Holiness.

Each of these observances of the Letters of  ˆqez... Zaw Kayn, Elder Teaches us what it is to be an Elder.

- Each Letter of the  z Zayin, q Kuf and ˆ Nun end in Final Letters.  This tells us the days of the Elder are concluding.  Avraham was 140 here in Bereisheit 24.1.  20% of his life remained.

- The center Letter, the Kuf Represents Holiness.  This tells us that Holiness is the center of an Elder's life. Beginning at a young age Avraham sanctified Hashem's Holy Name.  He went through the Fire.

- The first Letter of   זָקֵן  Zaw Kayn is the Letter Zayin.  The Letter Zayin tells us G-d Rested on the Seventh day.  The Letter Zayin Represents Gold.  This tells us that the Elder rests from earning gold on the seventh day. Shabbat Observance was not required until the eighth day of counting the Omer.  See Chadashim - Chronology of B'nei Yisroel's Exit from mitzriam to Receiving Ha Torah on Har Sinai p.12.

- The Letter Zayin also Tells us that the Elder sanctifies their sexual organs, Bereisheit 17.26 On that very day Avraham and his son Yishmael were circumcised...

-  The Letter Zayin Tells us that the Elder sanctifies their weapons, their power against others.  In Bereisheit 14.22 Avraham states, 'I have lifted up my hand to Hashem the Most High Alm-ghty, Possessor of heaven and earth, [saying] neither a thread nor a shoelace, I will not take anything of yours so you can say, ''I have made Avraham wealthy''.' 

- The last Letter of  זָקֵן  Zaw Kayn is the Letter Noon.  The Letter Noon Reminds us of the Candle of the Soul.  This means for the candle of the soul to burn brightly it has to move towards Holiness.  In Bereisheit 15.1 Hashem Tell Avraham, 'Fear not Avram, I am your Shield and your reward is great.'

- The Last Letter reminds us that the Elder is humble and that the Elder diminishes.  See Bereisheit 13.9  the separation of Lot from Avram.

- The last Letter informs us that the Elder will suffer personal loss or injury for the sake of Holiness.  We see this in Avram giving Lot whatever land he wanted, Bereisheit 13.9.  We see this in the rescue of Lot, Bereisheit 14.  We see this in Avraham's agreement with Avimelech, Bereisheit 21.

Now it is very interesting that  זָקֵן  Zaw Kayn means Elder and of   זָקֵן  Zaw Kayn also means old.  However being old does not make one an Elder unless they apply these principles.  Remember our Limood two weeks ago on righteousness.  Look at this lesson for Avraham's level of righteousness.  Look at Avraham's actions.

May each of us learn from this Limood the way of righteousness Avraham observed.

Blessings, Love, Health, Prosperity, Kindness and Peace, 

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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