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Family - Healing & Restoration

Parshat Vayigash

Genesis 44.18 - 47.27


We offer this study in the memory of those we love.  May they be elevated in the Heavens. May there memory be for good.  May they rest in peace.

Dear Ones,

Teachers , Classmates, Members and Supporters are curious and sometimes wonder what a day, or week, or month is like in our life.  It would take a lot of time to provide details.  The Rebbetzin worked more than 60 hour this past week. She has been on call 24 / 7 this week. She worked until around 2:30 am this morning then retired. Due to emergencies she was paged several times after retiring and needed to respond to each...  The Rebbetzin is tied down during her turn of being on call 24/7. She cannot go anywhere... She handles most of the cleaning, laundry, meals, Sabbath and High Holiday prep.  Then she still makes time for daily prayers and some study. This is why it has been challenging for her to do Reflections. 

I work full-time as a Realtor which normally includes 12 hours of floor time and 28 hours in the field each week. Considerable driving is required. It is easy to spend between 4 to 12 hours just driving. Sometimes its more or less.  This past week I prepared four lessons wrote many E-Mails.  Some E-mails were brief other requires hours.  This week centered on many family issues.

One man will not speak with his mother and father-in-law.  His Father-in-law is in the hospital dying.  He is a widower. He has suffered greatly and been horribly abused by his mother-in-law.  His children are effected. Friends are effected. The story goes on. 

Another husband and wife must tell their daughter that Daddy is not really Daddy after more than two decades of giving loving care to the one he raise as his daughter. The real Daddy wants to meet his daughter etc.

A daughter whose mother has been informed that her mother is dying of cancer and must have immediate surgery.

One man discovers that his daughter is a lesban. 

One woman discovers her son married without inviting her.

Two individual lost who lost employment needed encouragement.

Four different individuals who are each returning to Torah Observance are bubbling with excitement. They want to share their joy with  us. That is so wonderful amid a week of so much pain.

I shared a report with Teachers , Classmates, Members and Supporters about the larger picture of what we are seeing at B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC.

This week we received no donations. 

After Shabbat last we the Rebbetzin and I built a wonderful Chanukah Menorah and celebrated Chanukah each evening. I exchanged some Chanukah E-mail with Classmates...

Our Parshat again centers on family issues. The Family issues are between Yoseif and Yehudah, Benjamin and their father Yaakov. Yoseif reveals he is their brother. Yaakov is informed that Yoseif lives and is Viceroy of Egypt. Pharaoh and Yoseif invite Yoseif's relatives to move to Egypt.  They are given choice land in Goshen. 70 relatives total move to Egypt.  Yaakov unites with Yoseif.  Yaakov meets Pharaoh. 

We pray that our Creator will Bless you...

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr, Akiva Gamliel and Rebbetzin Revi

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