A Taste Of Torah - A Bridge Of Righteousness 2

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ב ' ה

Bereisheit Noach

Bereisheit Noach 6.1 - 11.32

A Taste Of Torah - Parshat

Video Course: A Taste Of Torah Bereisheit Noach

The Bridge Of Righteousnessss

This year our goal is to use several of my study books to help guide this class. The Study books can be ordered on the internet at:   http://www.bnti.us/books.html

There is one Torah Revelations we want to discuss.

The Gematria of הַתֵּבָה of Hah Tay Vah is 412. This is the same Gematria as בֵּית Bay תeet meaning house.

Bereisheit 7.1

וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָֹה לְנֹחַ בֹּא־אַתָּה וְכָל־בֵּיתְךָ אֶל־הַתֵּבָה כִּי־אֹתְךָ רָאִיתִי צַדִּיק לְפָנַי בַּדּוֹר הַזֶּה:

Genesis 7.1

And He HaShem  / The Lord Said to Noach you go and your household into the Tava / Ark for I have seen you are righteous before me in this generation.


Hah Tay Vah

ה5 ת400 ב2 ה5 = 412


ּBay Yeet ? House

ב2 י10 ת400 = 412

When we examine the Word צַדִּיק Tzah Deek meaning Righteous the Gematria is 204. Noach was Righteous.  and Noach was Righteous in his generation.  The Word דֹּר Dohr meaning Generation is also the Gematria of 204. Sometimes the Letter ו Vav is between the Letter ד Dalet and ר Reish. When this happens the Gematria is 210.

Mystically we see the world continuing on because of eight Noachides. Noach was Righteous and because he was Righteous His family was chosen to carry Righteousness into the next world and into the next generation.  When I read the Words Saying that Noach was Righteous before Me in his generation. Mystically we Observe that Noach was righteous everyday before The Lord. Noach was Righteous all seven days of the week. Noach was Righteous on Day Seven. We MUST REMEMBER that we are always before The Lord. Everything w do is before The Lord. The difference between Noach and many of us is Noach lived like everything he did was before The Lord.  To much emphasis is placed on 'In This generation'. More emphasis should be placed on 'Noach was Righteous Before Me צַדִּיק לְפָנַי everyday of the week, i.e all seven days. Mystically we Observe that בְּשֶׁבַע Bih Shaw Vah means with seven or through seven or in seven.  

 צַדִּיק לְפָנַי 

Tzah Deen Lih Faw Nai / Righteous Before [The Lord]

צ90 ד4 י10 ק100   ל30 פ80 נ50 י10 = 374


Bih Shaw Vah / With Seven or Through Seven or In Seven

ב2 ש300 ב2 ע70 = 374

Serving The Lord is 24 / 7.

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