Passover Book 1 - Let The Exploration Begin

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Passover Limood 

Chapter One

Passover Limood Video

Let The Exploration Begin

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Dean of Jewish Studies

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

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Before beginning our exploration of the last six days of Jesus life there are several points to consider. Regardless of the conclusion we may each reach after reading The Last Six Days of Jesus Life my desire is that our journey should flow with interesting information and be filled with the richness of Jewish Passover Observances. It will be more authentic for the reader if I can help you to experience the thoughts and the struggles I felt. Slowly in a step-by-step way the Last Six Days Of JESUS life on Earth unfolded to me. I found myself asking unusual questions and having thoughts unaccustomed to me. Living through these experiences was both challenging and interesting. This book is a step-by-step guide through the last Six Days of JESUS Life on Earth. However it may not turn out just the way you would expect it to...  

Whenever an individual attempts to do a scholarly examination, rules must be established and followed for others to follow.

Rule One is we are going to read and discuss the Gospels from a literal position. This step by step guide will go no where if we attempt to bend, ignore or rationalize away what is written in the Four Gospels. 

Rule Two is we are going to examine written statements in the Gospels to determine their credibility.  Is the statement truthful? Is the statement accurate?  We are not considering the plausibility or feasibility or possibility of a statement. If a date and time can be measured we will measure it. Then the statement will be judged on the facts not the believability. 

Rule Three is to be factual, to be objective, to be honest and to support all findings with references. 

The Gospels will rise or fall based upon facts based upon what can be substantiated.

Dear Reader at the time I began this journey I was very biased even though this was not all that noticeable to me.  I expect the exact same bias from you. That is OK! 

My Christian bias of years ago is quite noticeable to me now. Let me share... That being the situation why should I expect anything different from the readers of this book. I expect the reader of this book to be a serious Christian with strong ties to their church, and to possess a dedication to weekly Bible study.  That individual would own more than $10,000 in Christian books, commentaries, reference guides, Greek and Hebrew Bibles each with at least one interlinear, an encyclopedia, Bible dictionaries and on and on... In fact it would be necessary to set aside one room in the house or at the business to accommodate all the books just as I did. So if I were to say that a degree of bias did not exist that would be a complete falsehood. Yet at that time, twenty years ago I would not have thought of my beliefs as being biased. I was biased in favor of Christianity. That is where I was. Yet at that time I thought being neutral was an achievable goal. I was steeped in Christianity. My father was a Pastor of a successful congregation. My father-in-law then was a former pastor. As a child I was raised to attend  9:30 AM Sunday School followed a 10:45 AM church service, a large family lunch, a short break then 6:00 PM youth service followed by 7:00 PM evening service. Then there was the middle of the week service and at times weeks of revival every night... There was visiting the sick, board meetings, teachers meetings, yearly conventions and on and on... Can you taste what it was like?  Should I share about speaking in tongues and tarrying for the Holy Spirit in the prayer room for hours?  We had a large prayer room off to the left of the platform in the front of the congregation. It is where people came to 'tarry for the Holy Spirit'. So dear reader if you are biased it's OK. If you are closed minded, its fine. If you enjoy hanging out with preacher types it's great. That is where I was at then... 

Whern I began my research I thought this exploration would be a fun Bible study with the congregation for a few weeks leading up to Passover. I thought the results were predictable. It didn't turn out this way. What could be so difficult about doing an examination of the last six days of Jesus' life?  If you feel this way then you are walking close to my steps. 

As my journey began one of my goals was to see if it were possible to establish the day of the week with the date that the calendar event took place on according to the Gospel writers of the Christian Writings. This would help the congregation relate to the events better. One would think that linking days like Palm Sunday and Good Friday etc. with dates from the Christian Writings would be a snap.  Actually this proved to be quite challenging.  Can it be done? Yes! Another goal was to conclude this examination with a Friday evening Seder meal. Get the Congregation involved. We would have some type of reenactment of the Last Super.  I would play the part of Jesus and members of the Congregation could play the parts of other interesting roles like Judas the trader, Doubting Thomas or Peter the stalwart.  Later on in our Journey we will need to lean heavily on our rules and our goals.  This never happened.


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