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Do Not Use Common Sense Or Logic 

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

B'nai Nach Torah Institute, LLC

Lesson 6

Audio 1

Audio 2

Dear Ones we are delighted that you are learning with us. We want to remind you that this is the fifth of 13 studies.  Our goal is for our Classmates to feel enriched when learning at our institute. We want to be a source of encouragement and uplifting of the soul. Our goal is to also provide a reminder that EVERYONE is welcome to take this course of study if they purchase the Textbook: A Sincere Journey Ends Without JESUS and make contribution of any amount.   We invite classmates to answer the questions given with each class discussion and to post them on the blog pertaining to the lesson.


In the two audios discussions that relate to Chapter Five we show there are issues with the Christian Testament.

1. What two books discuss the errors in the Christian Testament?

2. How does one of  explain the errors in the Christian Testament?

3. Psalms 19.7-9 says what?

A number of issues were discussed.

4. Explain how or why the Creator would replace the Perfect Torah with the Error ridden Christian Testament? 

5. Discuss Matthew 1:18-22 i.e. Joseph the husband of Mary and Mary the wife of Joseph.

6. Discuss Joseph's Parents, Mary's Parents and the Jewish Community.

7. Marriage in the Christian Testament in comparison to Ha Torah is quite different. Please explain. What are the Torah issues with divorce and remarriage in Matthew?

8. Discuss the problems with why some may have issues finding their soulmate. 

9. Discuss Matthew 12:40 in light of Luke 23:54 and in light of Matthew 28:1.

10. Where are the three days and three nights?

11. How does salvation work?

Dear Ones may our eyes see the TRUTH and may soul soul respond to ha Torah.

May Our Creator encourage us not to fear but to trust in him.

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

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