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Dear Ones over the years through thousands upon thousands of hours of study many very special Gematrias have been revealed to me over the decades. With the assistance of those who dearly love our Creator, I have compiled a number of gematries through the first 10 chapters of Genesis. God Willing other books will be following...

What is Gematria? Gematria is a ancient study process used in interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures by computing and comparing the number values of a Letter, a Word or a group of Words and their relationships. Gematria is a Greek word that has come to be recognized as the study of Hebrew Letters, Numbers, Words and Phrases  in The Torah. 

Gematria is a unique beautiful key that when properly used can open doors to what is intentionally hidden in The Torah. Gematria is a form of Kabbalah, i.e Jewish Mysticism that allows some access to portions of the Scriptures we would like to know more about. Through diligent study and application of Gematria we are able to go deeper in to the hidden learn and more of what there is to discover about God, Angels, Humankind, Creation and much more. In this book we weave back and forth through the pages of the Torah exploring how to have a tranquil life.  The flood in Noahs age was not tranquil but it teaches us about tranquility. The world that then was not tranquil but we can sift through the pages of Hebrew for unique discoveries. 

Now it is up to us to add up our discoveries. And it is up to us how we apply what we learn. So one may simply purchase this book and do individual discovery or one may pay a small course fee and join with others on the path of discovery.  For those that desire we study a chapter a week from this book.  This includes a weekly audio discussion, some questions and blog discussion for those who really want to get the most from this book.  

I encourage you to just purchase this book. Read it. Then decide if you want to delve deeper into Gematria.  If you are interested in understanding Gematria better the join the course associated with this book. The Course: Gematria And Mysticism IN GENESIS includes audio discussion for each chapter a Gematria Blog and interaction with me.  Join the Course:

The Bible is a Book of many mysteries for Christians, For Noachides and for Jews. Each will find my book to be exceptionally interesting as hidden truths are unwrapped and revealed for all to enjoy. 

Within the Bible are the Five Books of Ha Torah, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. 

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