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My wife, Revi and I were traveling up the interstate when all of the sudden we came upon this huge sign. We were informed that we could not get off our normal place of exit.  It was closed for repairs. Now we would be forced to follow this detour that went on for miles. We eventually reconnected with the road we would have exited at. Oh relief, no more detour.  Road Closed signs and detours can be very frustrating.  

Many readers of Would You Like To Be Jewish know what it feels like to be placed on this endless road of detours towards their goal of converting to Judaism.  Some of you visited with a Rabbi who may have said, something like this, 'Why do you want to convert? Why do you want to be Jewish? We don't do conversions in Judaism.'  You ended up walking away disappointed, angered, exasperated, annoyed and very dissatisfied. Eventually you find a rabbi that agrees to do the conversion. Then you find out he charges thousands of dollars to do conversions and the conversation will take several years. Now you are steaming. You think, how can this be?  All these detours keep popping up! 

Some of the detours or road closed signs are the result of what we perceive Judaism to believe and to teach.  In this book we bring clarity.  We close the gaps and fill in blank pages.  I explain why we have issues with Jesus. We carefully review a few of these issues. When the reader understands our issues then our issues will be come the reader's issues. You will understand and identify.  We study inspiration and revelation. We discuss and compare the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Writings. Have you ever read the NIV Bible's Introduction to each Book in the Christian Writings?  Read Author and Date. Take away the speculation, the theories, the conjectures and the guesses and so much of what is left is blank.  We go behind the scenes to learn how the Bible was written and copied. What precautions were followed to eliminate errors etc. When one sees how this comes together road closed signs are removed. Individual objections... beliefs... doctrines that have held one back from their heart's desire to convert to Judaism diminish to a size where we can deal with them.

Dear Reader if you are supposed to return to Judaism or to convert to Judaism my book will help you.  If your soul stood at Mount Sinai to receive the Observances then this book will be helpful.  Even if you don't want to be Jewish but want to learn about Judaism my book will be helpful.  May the Creator of the Universe help each of us be the people we are supposed to be. Each book in this series will reveal greater detail as we study along together. I share a number of stories and insights. 

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