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My Biblical Historical Calendar is different from my Biblical Historical Calendar Book. The Calendar months and pictures are the same. The Biblical Historical Calendar covers many goals for all walks of life. My calender is a religious / Biblical calendar and a compilation of many prized wild life photographs including trophy Mule Deer, Elk, Rocky Mountain Goats, Coyotes and Foxes and beautiful birds. 

The Biblical Historical Calendar Book focuses on the History of the Bible and the beauty of nature. There is a great deal to learn about the Bible's Calendar while at the same time enjoying some breath taking wildlife photographs. My goal is to this Biblical Historical Calendar for those who are already acquainted with the material in the book. While the Biblical Historical Calendar does provide the reader with interesting information it only goes so far. The Biblical Historical Calendar Book goes much futher. We discuss the measurement of time in the Bible while enjoying more than a dozen photographs from my prized nature and wildlife photograph collection. 

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