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Lesson 2

According To The Vision ©

Numbers 8:1 - 12:16

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk


This study of Ha Torah is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Stephen Reynolds, Mr. Donald Wayne Belk and Mr. Gary Lee Belk, the Rebbetzin' younger brother and my older brothers, may they rest in peace.

We read, 'And this is [how] the menorah was made from hardened gold [from] its base to [each of] its blossoms. It was shaped from something seen, [according to] the vision, [everything from Aleph to Tav] that The Lord [showed] Moshe.' Numbers 8.4

Sometimes we reach a place where we need a vision. We need a road map to show us what to do. We need to see something that will guide us in our preparation. We need an architectural plan. We need assistance from beyond our realm. This is what The Lord Did for Moshe.

Sometimes we may be short on the skill or technique we need to do the task. We may need a teacher. We may need a video. We may need to see a movie on how to do the task we are facing... This is also what The Lord Did for Moshe.

Years ago before returning to Torah Observance back in 5740 (1980) I was appointed by my Daddy to manage the family property. This meant the cleaning, painting, repairing and renting, etc. was all my responsibility. My family owned a beautiful two bedroom bungalow several blocks away from Washington Park now know as the 'Wash Park Area'. My younger brothers grew up in this older home. My family purchased another property to live in back in the hills of Missouri. It was my responsibility to make our former home ready to lease. It needed to be prepped for painting on the inside. There was enough money in the budget to hire a professional painter. Instead I chose to take on the job myself. After all, my Daddy and my Mommy, may they rest in peace, my brothers and I had painted many apartments and houses over the years. This was something I was acquainted with. It did not seem that difficult. However I made it difficult... extremely difficult!!

I got impatient. I was in a hurry to get started. I wanted to knock the job out in one day. Those hired to cover the mantle, windows, hardwood floors and other areas were moving much too slow for this impatient kid. I wish I had the energy from back then...They were doing a very good job but I was impatient. After awhile I could take no more. I hooked up the high pressure sprayer and began spraying everything in sight. Unfortunately this included many areas that should not have been sprayed. The pressure was not correct. The paint mixture was wrong. Many areas had considerable over spray like the oak hardwood floors, window panes, mirrors, ceramic tile, sinks, door handles, etc. I made a real mess of things! This was very embarrassing! My only solace was all of my family was out of town for awhile. 

I began trying to clean up the over spray. It only got worse. I wanted to bury my face in my hands and cry. Later that evening, after hours of work, I gave up and went home realizing this was not going to go away without a miracle. Have you every wanted to take back a deed? Have you ever wanted to relive a day? Well...

Late that night I cried, 'Oh Lord please help me. Look at what I have done. My Daddy is going to kill me. What a sad thing to do! I need your help! What am I going to do'?

That night I had a dream... I had a vision of a television commercial. It was a short dream. All I saw was the name... the label on a white plastic cleaning bottle. Then I heard these words, 'Remember what happened when you used that product [to clean the dirt from around the light switches]'? I remembered spraying the wall around the dirty area. The spray rolled down the wall removing the dirt and some of the paint also. Obviously the product name is omitted for a reason.

The next morning I instructed my helpers to purchase that product and hurry over to the house. We sprayed it on the hardwood floors then let it settle several minutes. The paint wiped clean! I shouted 'Thank G-d!' We used this spray to clean the paint off of everything. The nightmare was finally under control. The Creator came to my rescue through a dream.

Holy reader, The Lord Uses visions to give us clarity. It is like The Lord Says,'Quiet on the set! Action! Roll 'em!' Then the picture begins to play. It was like The Lord gave me a self-help... instructional video... Dear ones, in a more profound way The Lord Showed Moshe every detail on how to create the Menorah from Aleph to Tav that we read about in this Parshat.

What do you need the Creator to show you?

Dear ones, not to long ago in a recent class discussion I shared about a Dream / a Vision while sitting on theL2 front porch of our home back in the hills of Missouri. The dream was about how we could store our Sukkah lumber. Rebbetzin Revi and I have had this on going discussion on what to do with our Sukkah lumber etc.  In the Vision I was shown how to build a holder under our deck. I awoke.  Several hours later we completed our Sukkah holder in an out of the way place close to where we will built this years Sukkah, G-d Willing.

Not all dreams and Visions need to be about the future. Some Dreams and Visions are about today. Some Dreams and Visions are about what we are facing and require assistance with.  A Dream or a Vision does not need to be complicated.

If you would like to comment on Dreams or Visions sign in.  Share your Dream or your thoughts on Dreams and Visions.

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

Dreams & Visions

Bah Chah Lom (meaning) In Dreams

Lesson 4

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk


 וַיָּבֹא אֱלֹהִים אֶל־אֲבִימֶלֶךְ בַּחֲלוֹם הַלָּיְלָה וַיֹּאמֶר לוֹ הִנְּךָ מֵת עַל־הָאִשָּׁה אֲשֶׁר־לָקַחְתָּ וְהִוא בְּעֻלַת בָּעַל

And Abraham journeyed from there toward the Negev, and lived between Kadesh and Shur, and sojourned in Gerar.  And Abraham said of Sarah his wife, She is my sister; and Abimelech king of Gerar sent, and took Sarah.  But God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him, Behold, you are but a dead man, because of the woman whom you have taken; for she is a man's wife.  But Abimelech had not come near her; and he said, Lord, will you slay also a righteous nation?  Said he not to me, She is my sister? and she, even she herself said, He is my brother; in the integrity of my heart and innocency of my hands have I done this.  And God said to him in a dream, Yes, I know that you did this in the integrity of your heart; for I also kept you from sinning against me; therefore I did not let you touch her.  Now therefore restore the man his wife; for he is a prophet, and he shall pray for you, and you shall live; and if you restore her not, know you that you shall surely die, you, and all who are yours.   Therefore Abimelech rose early in the morning, and called all his servants, and told all these things in their ears; and the men were very afraid. Then Abimelech called Abraham, and said to him, What have you done to us? And in what have I offended you, that you have brought on me and on my kingdom a great sin? You have done deeds to me that ought not to be done.  And Abimelech said to Abraham, What did you see, that you have done this thing?  And Abraham said, Because I thought, Surely the fear of God is not in this place; and they will slay me for my wife's sake.  And yet indeed she is my sister; she is the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and she became my wife.  And it came to pass, when God caused me to wander from my father's house, that I said to her, This is your kindness which you shall show to me; at every place where we shall come, say of me, He is my brother.  And Abimelech took sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and women servants, and gave them to Abraham, and returned to him Sarah his wife.  And Abimelech said, Behold, my land is before you; live where it pleases you. 1 And to Sarah he said, Behold, I have given your brother a thousand pieces of silver; behold, he is to you a covering of the eyes, to all who are with you, and with all other; thus she was reproved.  And Abraham prayed to God; and God healed Abimelech, and his wife, and his maidservants; and they bore children. 18  For the Lord had fast closed up all the wombs of the house of Abimelech, because of Sarah Abraham's wife, Bereisheit 20.1-18.

In the above Passukim / Verses is the first and second times in Ha Torah and in the Bible where the Word  בַּחֲלוֹם Bah Chah Lom, meaning, in a dream occurs. The Gematria of בַּחֲלוֹם is 86 when using the normal Gematria.  The Gematria increases to 646 when using the ם Final Mem as a final Letter. 

Dear Ones notice page 53 in my book Gematria And Mysticism IN GENESIS.  Notice the Word אֱלֹהִים Elohim, God is the Gematria 86. Now notice the special relationship between the one who dreams and God our Creator. 

The next time that you receive a Dream stop and consider it.  Why did I have this dream.  Is this Dream a Vision from our Creator? Is this dream a nightmare, a hallucination? Explore the Dream. Think on it. Don't pass it by.  Ask, What is the message?  What is the purpose.  Dear One it is important be sensitive to Dreams. Dreams are often a communication from God. Dreams can and often do carry important messages. 

Receiving a Dream from God is an awesome experience. Some of our Classmates are greatly blessed. May they live and be well. May they be protected.

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

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