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       By Dr. Akiva Gamliel

There are assets, wealth, net wealth and capital gains etc. 

- The low income individuals and families have zero assets, wealth, net wealth and capital gains etc.

- 80% of Americans own only 16.1% of America's wealth.

- 20% of Americans own 83.9% of the wealth...

- The poor have no assets and no capital gains.liab

- The top 0.02% of Americans own 95% of America's assets

- The top 20% of Americans get 90% of Capital Gains Bush wants to eliminate capital gains taxes...

- 50% of Americans earn 80% of America's income


-The top 20% of Americans received almost 4 Trillion in tax breaks over 10 years while:

- Wages shrunk for 2 years

- Unemployment stagnated, Americans lost jobs for 3 years

- American borrowed from home equity and credit cards resulting in an increase of household debt to 110%

- Americans were forced to spend more dollars (weaker dollars) for gas, heat, food etc.

- Because of the Tax cuts The Federal Government was forced to begin borrowing money.  Today, according to Comptroller General David Walker, the chief auditor of our governments balance sheet, the Federal Government has over 50 Trillion in liabilities at the close of 2006. This is up 30 Trillion since Bush took office. 

This means every American own $170,000.00 of America debt. So now Middle and poor Americans are paying interest on interest....

The purchasing power of the dollar is much less than 20 years ago.  The poor and the middle class need serious relief.  He is the candidate that will bring this relief.  His position on the economy will become more and more evident as the campaign continue.

Americans are reeling from economic pressure.  Generally American's who earn less than $45,000.00 each year have hard pressed to the point they borrowed from home equity and credit cards resulting in an increase of household debt to 110%.

How do you feel about the tax breaks that were given to the wealthiest Americans?  Have you benefited from these tax breaks.  What would you like to see happen?  Would you like these tax breaks to continue?  What do you believe our Government should do regarding our difficult financial situation?

Dear Ones,

More than 5 years ago, 09-21-2008 I spoke about the worldwide money crisis that was unfolding. I had been speaking about this crisis for at least three years, prior to this.  We are now down the road almost eight years from then, and the crisis is not over yet.  My Brother Gabor Yitzchok was saying then, that this would last at least ten years.



Bare Sterns take over by JP Morgan

US Federal Reserve contributed

30 Billion

$  30,000,000,000.00


Freddie Mac & Fanny Mae take over

by US Federal Reserve contributed

800 Billion



A.I.G. take over by

US Federal Reserve contributed

85 Billion

$  85,000,000,000.00


Special Fund to rescue failing institutions

And Home Owners

US Federal reserve contributed

1 Trillion


Cost of Afghanistan / Iraq Wars

4.95 Trillion


Total Almost 7 Trillion


Cost for each American {300 Million}


American Money Supply 2001

American Money Supply 2008



If a Gallon of Gas cost $1.50 in 2001 it, will now cost $3.35 in 2008 just because our dollars has expanded by 123%.  Instead of 7.8 Trillion dollars in circulation, we now have 15.8 Trillion dollars in circulation. In 2008 it takes more than twice as many dollars to purchase the same things...

The Fed's Treasury holdings rose $61 million to $479.8 billion...  We must either borrow 2 Trillion or expand our money supply from 13.8 Trillion to 15.8 Trillion.

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