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There is a great deal more to Leviticus 18.22 than homosxuality. 

Homosexuality is an immoral act that will never be right. Homosexuality is also an unnatural act. Homosexual actions are a sin. Will homosexuals be condemned to hell fire and brimstone? I don't think so. Yet, I don't know. 

I don't think so because out of the 613 Commands God Gives humanity, one Command has to do with Homosexual actions. ' Every action of the male sexual organ shall not be to cohabitant [with men] as a [husband] cohabitants with a wife, Leviticus 18.22. 

Leviticus 18.22 is making a comparison of what is natural and what is moral to what is not natural and what is immoral. Few realize this. There is only one true proper sexual act between a husband and a wife. That sexual act is for the purpose of having children. It is necessary to be fair, and to correctly interpret Leviticus 18.22. Most of us VIOLATE the Command contained in this Verse. One must understand the comparison to understand the intent of this verse. The comparison is NOT just sex with a woman is proper and sex with a man is improper. The comparison is much more involved!! The comparison in this Verse is with the pure and proper act of sex between a husband and a wife.  Sex between a husband and wife is for the purpose of reproduction. In most instances, any form that is designed to prohibit reproduction during sex between a husband and wife is a violation of this Command. Anal sex is forbidden. Anal sex with ones wife is forbidden. Anal sex with a man is forbidden. Oral sex is forbidden. Oral sex with one's wife is forbidden. Oral sex with a man is forbidden.  How about lust? What about passion?  There are limits to lust and passion between a husband and wife. Fornication is forbidden. Adultery is forbidden. Rape is forbidden. The fact is that fornication, adultery and rape are discussed more in the Bible than homosexuality. 

So when we place Leviticus 18.22 in perspective we should see that homosexual actions are unnatural and immoral. Many actions between heterosexuals even in husband wife relationship can be improper, unnatural, immoral and sinful.   Leviticus 18.22 prohibit homosexual acts,  improper heterosexual relationships, unnatural and immoral sexual actions among heterosexuals. 

I encourage each of us to consider our own individual actions and to work toward our own proper relation with our Creator and others. 

Perhaps we should be more concerned with how we communicate with other.  The Bible discusses our failures in communication much more than homosexuality. The Bible teaches that our tongue is a challenge to control. Our tongue can cut like a knife and can kill like a sword.

Blessings, Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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