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Introduction To Learning Hebrew Blessings

Introduction Video

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Dean of Jewish Studies

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

How seriosuly do I want to learn important Blessings in Hebrew? If I could find a Teacher that would help me learn several important Hebrew Blessings would I dedicate myself to buckle down and learn the Hebrew Blessings? What would it be worth to me to be able to say the Hebrew Blessing of candle lighting or hand washing prior to the Hebrew Blessing over Wine and Bread?  Could I place avalue on learning these special Blessings? 

Dear Friend we are about to take a special journey together. My goal is to help you learn the Blessing of Sabbath Candle Lighting, the Blessing of Washing the hands which is said prior to eating the Sabbath meal and the Blessing over Wine and Bread. 

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC is not a 501 c3 non profit organization. B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC is a business that does not charge for the services we provide because we want EVERYONE to feel welcom to use our services. We want everyone to benifit from what we offer. Yet, like all business we have expenses. We must have a funding source. The burden is very heavy when Rebbitzin Revi and I are required to pay for everything. We are seniors yet we cannot retire... Dear Friend we want to help you will you help us?  If each of our friends would help a little it would be such a Blessing. When you contribute a little money the return blessing will be very great. Please open you pocketbook and wallet and help make a difference. Thank you in advance for being kind hearted to our purpose. We will not give or sell your information to anyone. Please click on this link to contribute

Many Hebrew Blessings begin with six Words. Blessed are You Oh Lord our God King of the universe...

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