Blessings for Beginners Part 2

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Now Available

The class includes an informative CD by Dr. Belk on thirteen of the most important blessings that every Spiritualist and Jew should know. We call these "Blessings for Special Occasions." The audio is supported with instruction sheets that include each blessing in Hebrew, color-coded to match transliteration and English translation. Blessings for Beginners includes a brief introduction along with a short explanation preceding each of the ten blessings. Each blessing is pronounced slowly and repeated several times. This is a good place to start for the individual who would like to learn the following blessings:

Hah Shee Vay Nu Aw Vee Nu - Blessing for repentance {15 words}

Si Laach Law Nu - Blessing of Pardon, this is the blessing we say seeking forgiveness {20 words}

Ri Faw Ay Nu - Blessing for healing {27 words}

Baw Rooch Aw Lay Nub - Blessings for prosperity {32 words}

Vi Lee Roo Shaw Lah Yeem - Blessing for Jerusalem {24 words}

Mahl Beesh Ah Ru Meem - Blessing said after putting on a new suit or dress {9 words}

Oh Say Mah Ah Say Vi Ray Sheet - Blessing said after seeing lightning {9 words}

Ov Gi Voo Raw Toh Maw Lay Oh Lawm - Blessing said after hearing thunder {10 words}

Hah Tov Vi Hah May Teev - Blessing said upon hearing good news {8 words}

Dah Yahn Haw Eh Meht - Blessing said upon hearing tragic news {8 words}

Boh Ray Mee Nay Vi Saw Meem - Blessing said after smelling fragrant spices {9 words}

Boh Ray Ah Tzah Vi Saw Meem - Blessing said after smelling fragrant shrubs or flowers {9 words}

Boh Ray Ees Vay Vi Saw Meem - Blessing said after smelling fragrant herbs {9 words}

When you learn the blessings you may request to be tested per the enclosed instructions. Upon completion we will issue you a certificate of accomplishment for such a wonderful and powerful accomplishment.

This is a very good CD with instruction sheets.. Our intention is to make this an affordable blessing to anyone desiring to learn Hebrew. However in so doing we will not accept returns. All sales are final.

Cost: $13.00 + $5.00 U.S. Dollars - Shipping & Handling

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