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Ha Torah's Calendar is all about learning and enjoying signs for seasons {festivals} for days and for years Bereisheit 1.14 {Genesis}. Ha Torah's Calendar connects us to the future and the past. Follow the foot prints of Adam, Noach, Moses and Joshua and other Torah sages. We list the important observances for B’nei Yisroel {Jews} and B’nai Noachides {non Jews} for 2007 / 2008.

Our Calendar is updated each month. This means you
ALWAYS receive at least 12 useable months. You are not purchasing outdated months.

We list special and important studies
• The Weekly Parsha for B'nei Yisroel {Jews}.
• The Weekly Limood for B'nai Noachides {non-Jews}
• The High Holidays
• The Yahrzeit of the sages
• Dates for the High Holidays
• Hebrew / English Number Guide
• Charts
• Chronologies
Facts and Information with References