Focalizing Torah

Dr. Belk discusses how to focalize on words, phrases or verses of Torah while reading the weekly parsha. This CD can assist the youngest Baal Shuva or Spiritualist in focalization. Dr. Belk causes you to stop, to think and to consider. Learn how to get more from your Torah experience... study. The examples on this CD help to expand and make Torah learning more enjoyable.

Focalizing Torah

1.) Introduction: Naomi’s Road Map - This is a story about a new atlas that Naomi received from our insurance agent. I use the dots on this map to help us to realize Focalization of Torah... {time: 9:21}

2.) Avraham’s Incredible Blessings - Here we take a few minutes to examine Bereishis 24:1 and to name some of the more recognizable blessings Hashem bestowed on Avraham... {time: 5:18}

3.) Avraham, Teacher Of 450,000 Students - By using two verses in Torah, Bereishis 12:5 and 14:14, we focalize on how a present-day Avraham would have almost 1/2 million Talmidim... {time: 11:39}

4.) Eliezer’s 10 Thirsty Camels -
I wonder how much water 10 thirsty camels can drink after an extended trek through the hot desert... and what does this have to do with Torah?... {time: 14:04}

5.) Hashem, Will You Please Help Me Sell My Business? - A discussion of Bereishis 24:21 on how... why Eliezer questioned Hashem’s answer to his most improbable request. Why was his request improbable and unimaginable?...{time: 11:33}

6.) Rivkah, The 3-Year Old Wife of Yitzchok -
We put our spiritual forensics to work here in examining the age of Rivkah when she married Yitzchok. This is a great Torah focalization... {time: 12:19}

Classmate, as you can see from the title and subtitles, we are stepping up our challenge to learn Torah in our new audio format. And we truly hope that by providing a little more information regarding the discussions on this CD it will pique your interest to take the challenge!

This is a very good CD .. Our intention is to make this an affordable blessing to anyone desiring to learn Hebrew. However in so doing we will not accept returns. All sales are final.

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