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By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Shalom Dear One,

Prayer needs to be a creative tool to help us! My discussion on Prayer shares three easy to understand steps for elevating one's prayer to the Spiritual realm. It is there that each of us give and receive the most from our prayer time. In addition I teach a short, easy to learn Meez Mor Lah Dovid {Meditation of King David} in Hebrew. It will be easy for you to follow along. My CD is mixed with Ha Torah teachings and stories to assist in our learning. Return to Bethel is about 70 minutes long on eight tracks as listed below.

Return to Bethel ©
A Discussion on how to get the most out of prayer.

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

1 Introduction, Bereishis 35:1 16:54

2 Background Problems 12:38

3 Yaakov Is Righteous 03:52

4 Stories Establishing Bethel 15:42

5 How to Rise Above it All 10:44

6 How To Pray In Difficult Times 01:29

7 Meez Mor, A Meditation Of Ha Tenach 05:33

8 Pray This Meez Mor of Dovid With Me 04:03

My intention is to make this an affordable blessing on learning prayer for everyone... However in so doing I cannot accept returns. All sales are final.

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