Over the years we have received requests about converting to Judaism. It became to difficult trying to answer them individually. In addition I found myself repeating so much of the same material. So I compiled years of notes and email questions to discuss in preparing for this CD. I answer questions about conversion. How does it work? Who can do the conversion? How long does it take? What is involved with conversion? Can conversion be reversed? Why one might consider converting... Reasons not to convert. How does conversion impact me, my spouse, immediate family,relatives, friends and employer? I touch on many issues...

If this CD does not answer your questions email me and we will try to clear up any lingering questions...

Blessings and peace...

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk
1 Be Careful In Considering Conversion

2 Consider Spirituality First

3 Consider The Impact on Relatives

4 Consider The Impact On Your Spouse and Children

5 Judaism Is Much More Than Exter

6 Why Are Jews Selective Regarding Converts?






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