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Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk's Gematria Kit

Dr. Belk's Own Gematria Kit Includes:

Gematria Chart - 1 page of easy to follow Hebrew - English Aleph Bais

Gematria Disciplines Defined - 3 pages of over two dozen disciplines

Gematria Hebrew Letter Direction Chart - 1 page

Gematria At Bash Chart - 1 page

PLUS -Gematria CD

Introduction To Gematria Signs
The Definition of Gematria
The History of Gematria
A Discussion of:
The Gematria Chart
Hebrew Letter Chart
At Bash

...all for only $26.00*

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Gematria is a fun page about numbers and Hebrew letters, their meanings and how they apply to our lives. Gematria is a hotly discussed and debated topic because it reveals secrets, offers insights, and makes unique connections.  Within the original language (Hebrew) every letter, word and phrase equals a number. Words or phrases that equal the same number mystically are related to either the good or evil of that special number. Knowing some of these numbers can be helpful.

My intention is to make this an affordable blessing on learning prayer for everyone... However in so doing I cannot accept returns. All sales are final.