Hebrew for Beginners One

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The class includes an informative CD by Dr. Belk which discusses easy steps... simple steps... little steps... of observance that each Jew and each Spiritualist take in improving their relationship with G-d and mankind. On this CD you will find exciting suggestions for all levels of observance or non observance that even the "youngest" Baal Shuva can observe. Dr. Belk helps to make the challenge much more inviting and doable. This is a good place to start for the individual who would like to learn Hebrew:

The Hebrew Aleph Bet

Vowel Names and Examples

Hebrew Letters That Look Alike

Hebrew Sounds with Transliteration

Hebrew Sounds

This is a very good CD with instruction sheets.. Our intention is to make this an affordable blessing to anyone desiring to learn Hebrew. However in so doing we will not accept returns. All sales are final.

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