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Steps Of Observance

Dr. Belk discusses easy steps... simple steps... little steps... of observance that each Jew and each Spiritualist take in improving their relationship with G-d and mankind. On this CD you will find exciting suggestions for all levels of observance or non observance that even the "youngest" Baal Shuva can observe. Dr. Belk helps to make the challenge much more inviting and doable.

Steps Of Observance

I invite you to request our new CD entitled: Steps of Observance. This CD offers some non evangelical ways that you can help others begin their return to Jewish / Spiritual observances. In a little over one hour I discuss the following subjects:

1.) Introduction: Steps of Observance - A discussion on the risks involved with taking on too much at first and burning out quickly as compared to a balanced approach... {time: 09:04}

2.) Tiny Steady Steps are the Best - Degrees of observance are like tiny steps leading us towards Torah... {time: 07:07}

3.) Examples of Observance - Several short stories offering various degrees of observance {time: 14:11}

4.) Desire Torah Like A Hot Pepper - Try to begin developing a serious thirst for Torah like the... {time: 09:20}

5.) Helping Others Take Steps - Ideas on how to kindly reach out and make connections with other Jews / Spiritualists... {time: 12:23}

6.) Begin A Tiny Cell of Observance - A few simple ideas on what we each can do to touch others without offending... {time: 09:45}

7.) I Challenge You to Reach Out - This is a brief nudge to touch the lives of other with love and kindness... {time: 04:38}

Steps of Observance is NOT a preachy CD. The Steps of Observance CD provides an additional way to learn while traveling, working, jogging, etc. I share many valuable stores that teach us important lessons while at the same time challenging us to expand our observance just a little.

Dear classmate, I invite you to become one of our monthly Jewish / Spiritualist Learning Cells. Steps of Observance explains how you can be so very helpful to those you love and others. It is our intention to record a discussion regarding Judaism and Spirituality once each month, G-d willing, that will be used in our learning cells in conjunction with some written lessons. We will discuss this more in the near future, G-d willing.

This is a very good CD .. Our intention is to make this an affordable blessing to anyone desiring to learn Hebrew. However in so doing we will not accept returns. All sales are final.

Cost: $9.00 + $4.00 - U.S. Dollars - Shipping & Handling

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