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Genesis 8.1 - 22

The Raven and The Dove

Bereisheit Limood Chapter 8

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By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Dean of Jewish Studies

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Genesis 8.7

And he sent forth everything from aleph to Tav of 'the raven', which went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth.

The Sages Teach three sinned by copulating on the Tava the Raven, The Dog and Chum. Noach was dis satisfied with the Rave so he sent hime out. The Raven is an unclean bird. His mate was left to fend for the little ones... The Raven complained, What will happen if I die? Who will care for my mate and the little ones. How will the world be repopulated with us? 

What does all this Gematria concerning the Raven mean?  The Raven who is the most intelligent of  species aside from humans who is black sinned at night by copulating. We see the Raven's sin in the Gematria 277. The Raven 277 gave seed 277 and the Raven sinned 277.

The Raven and Crow are called by the same name.


The Raven

ה5 ע70 ר200 ב2 = 277



ז7 ר200 ע70 = 277


Aw Vih Raw, Meaning Sin

ע70 ב2 ר200 ה5  = 277


Aizer - Helper

ע70 ז7 ר200 = 277

The Dove


Ha Yoh Naw, [Jonah] meaning The Dove 

ה5 י10 ו6 נ50 ה5 = 76


Eh Vehd, meaning Servant

ע70 ב2 ד4 = 76

The dove is humble and willing to serve where as the Raven is a predator. The Dove is the symbol of the Spirit of purity and serving. The Raven is the symbol of darkness and sin. The Raven has the potential to help as when the Ravens fed the great Novie Prophet bread. The point to this discussion is the Raven was put out because of his sin. The Dove was asked to serve because of his willingness to purify. The Dove circled the Tava. The Doves action represent the world was purified from sin. The Dove returned with an Olive twig. This is a symbol of Holiness and purity and peace. The flood was the purification. The Raven was sent out first. This is like the night is black with sin. Later the Dove was sent out. This is like the world is cleansed, i.e. purified and has again retuned to spirituality.


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