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Genesis 10.1 - 28

Speaking Through The Generations

Bereisheit Limood Chapter 10

Bereisheit Limood Video 1

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Dean of Jewish Studies

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

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The world tdol]woT] {Toh Lih Dot} meaning 'generations' speaks to each of us. The Gematria is 840. The Torah Says, These are the generations of Noah, Shem, Ham and Japhet. How does the generations of Ham speak to us? How does the generations of Japhet speak to us? The fact is that The Torah for the most part follows the generations of Shem. It is the generations of Shem that speak to us. The generations of Ham and Japhet are mentioned here through Chapter 11. At the conclusion of Chapter 11 Avram and Sarai are introduced. So it is important to understand that The Torah for the most part covers the descendants of Shem. It is Shem that is the chosen.

Why then does The Torah Say these are the descendants of Noah if for the most part only the descendants of Shem are discussed? The Torah focuses on the hope for humankind. The Torah is clearly Saying the hope for humankind comes through the descendants of Shem.

In Leviticus 1.2 we see a similar approach. The Torah Records, 

laer...c]yI ynEB]Ala, rBeDæ {Dah Bayr - Ehl Bih Nay - Yees Raw Ayl} meaning Speak to [the] children of Israel. Why is this passage similar? The Gematria is also 840. Leviticus focuses on offerings. There is Israel, Levites and Priests. The function of the Priests is offerings and blessings etc. It is the Kohan (Priest) that is the chosen.


Toh Lih Dot / Generations

ת400 ו6 ל30 ד4 ת400 = 840 

laer...c]yI ynEB]Ala, rBeD

Dah Bayr - Ehl Bih Nay - Yees Raw Ayl

Speak To The People Of Israel

840 = t400 r200 l30 d4 t400

840 = l30 a1 r200 c300 y10 - y10 n50 b2 - l30 a1 - r200 b2 d4


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