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Aish / Fire -10

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Dean of Jewish Studies

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Exodus 35.3

לֹא־תְבַעֲרוּ אֵשׁ בְּכֹל משְׁבֹתֵיכֶם בְּיוֹם הַשַּׁבָּת1:1

Exodus 35.3

You shall not kindle fire in any of your dwelling places on the Sabbath day.

Fire is both a representation of man's technological mastery and as a symbol of man and Woman's emotional drives

Individuals must practice how to control their technological advances as we will discuss in Chapter twelve. There we will discuss controlling our technological advances. In this chapter we want to focus of individual responsibilities of controlling emotions, and desires and how it is accomplished through marriage.

An individual that is single is not benefiting from the lessons of marriage. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Marriage is called 'Holy Matrimony'. The man is separated to his wife and the wife is separated to her husband. NOTHING is suppose to come between them all the days of their lives, Kaw Naw Nah Haw Raw!!

The goal of 'Holy Matrimony' is to learn how to live in peace and harmony with another individual that is the opposite of you. Both learn to share. Both learn how to cooperate. Both learn how to function as a unit. Both learn how to successfully raise children together. Both learn how to worship together. Both learn how to observe Sabbath and Holy Days together. Then there are the relative issues. They are complex also. Both learn how to get along with their spouses relatives. Husband and wife do this their entire lives while living near a very hot bed, FIRE! Remember the old saying, Don't play with FIRE? Remember old Smoky the bear? Only you can prevent Forest Fires!

In marriage relationships a אִישׁ husband has his own FIRE and a אִשָּׁה wife has her own FIRE.


The Letter Yud i.e. the center Letter for אִישׁ meaning man represents strength. The Letter Yud is the first Letter of the Lord's Holy Name. The Lord Placed the Letter Yud between the Aleph and The Shin so man would have the possibility of peace and happiness. The Letter Yud stands next to the Letter Hey. The Letter Yud represents the Ten Commandments that expand out to all 613 Commands of the Torah. Man is suppose to follow the Commands that pertain to him. In addition the Letter Yud represents strength, the Gevurah of man. Man is supposed to use his strength wisely, i.e. to keep the Letter Aleph and the Letter Shin apart. Use the Yud to prevent fire. Otherwise there is fire. God, please help us. It takes a real man to use the Letter Yud wisely to avoid hot burning fire.. God Assist us please. Man was designed to walk a tight line. Man was designed to walk on egg shells.


The Letter Hey diffuses the fire... The Letter Hey controls the fire. The Letter Hey is the second Letter in the Holy Name of the Lord. The Letter Hey stands next to the Letter Yud. The Letter Hey is represents the Five Books of the Torah. Inside the Five Books are the 613 Commands. The wife is required to follow the Commands that pertain to her. So to speak, the fire has to pass through the Divine Space, i.e the 613 Commands, the Five Books.. In other words the fire is calmed and supervised with kindness when it passes through the Letter Hey, Divine Supervision. The fire is tempered. A wife was designed to walk on a tight wire. A wife was designed to walk on egg shells.

Dear Reader this is how our Creator designed the man and the woman. Good relationships learn how to avoid fire while having plenty of warmth for comfort. We have this potential for fire but we don't have to have fire.

The Letter Aleph represents God's Name. The Letter Aleph represents one thousand. The Letter Aleph is the first Letter for both אִיש Man and אִשָּׁה Woman. When the Letter Aleph is spelled out the Gematria is 111. This tell us God is 1. God is 1. God is 1.

The Letter Shin שָׁלוֹם means peace. The Letter Shin also represents שַׁדַּי The Almighty One. Before one enters their home or their bedroom a Mezuzah is attached to the door frame. On the Mezuzah are the Letters reminding the Husband and wife שַׁדַּי The Almighty One. When the Letter Shin is spelled out the Gematria is 360. This tells us that the relationship between a husband and wife needs to be a complete circle. There are no corners. This represents the eternal relationship of their marriage. When the Aleph (111) and the Shin (360)_ are joined side by side properly they combine to represent מְלֵאֹת Mih Lay Oot meaning Complete or Fullness.


Mih Lay Oot

means Complete or Fullness.

מ40 ל30 א1 ת400 = 471



One or One Thousand - Represents God

א1 ל30 ף80 = 111



The Almighty One

ש300 י10 ן50 = 360

Total 111 + 360 = 111 + 360 = 471

Husband and wife are only complete and full with each being in proper balance.


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