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The Inner World of the Soul ©

By Rebbetzin Revi Belk

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC


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Everything that exists in our inner world is an aspect of our soul.  Our personality, emotions, talents, desires, conscience and wisdom.  Every faculty we ordinarily assign to the mind, like thought, logic, memory and forgetting, are features of our soul.

For piety, fear of the Eternal, love of the Eternal, and purity of heart are not that deeply rooted within a person not to necessitate the employment of methods for their acquisition.  In this respect they differ from natural states such as sleep and wakefulness, hunger and satiety, and all other natural instincts.  Rather, the acquisition of these qualities definitely requires various methods and devices.   Furthermore, while there are many factors operating to distance piety from man there are many elements that can counter these factors.  

How will this wisdom enter a person's heart if he will not seek it?

The Path of the Just Torah Classics Library Moshe Chaim Luzzatto page 3

Piety, reverence, love and purity of heart are not ingrained in our soul, we have to acquire these.

Creation is a work-in-progress toward restitution (tikkun), whereby all subjects of Creation work to return things to their proper place so that Creation's original plan can continue.  Each creature's contemplation of heart and works - and its applications of power upon the inner universes. will return the Shekkinah to Her true place in unity with HaShem G-d.  The eternal Sabbath will be regained.  Window of the Soul James David Dunn page 21-22

Teshuvah is in the heart, in the mind.  One thought of Teshuvah is enough.  The mind is not restricted by the limitations of the body.  Just as sin is rooted in man's will and mind, so must Teshuvah be rooted in man's will and mind.

He who sets his heart on becoming purified becomes pure as soon as he has immersed himself.  One who sets his heart on cleansing himself from the impurities that beset man's soul - namely, wrongful thoughts and false convictions:  as soon as he consents in his heart to withdraw from those counsels and brings his soul into the waters of reason, he is pure.  Deep Calling Unto Deep Jacob Immanuel Schochet Page117-118

The tradgedy of sin is the failure to judge oneself, to do Teshuvah.  It is impossible to have Teshuvah, to repent without remorse.  The possibility of Teshuvah generates hope, faith and confidence.  HaShem Desires to show kindness, He is Gracious and Compassionate, He forgives the instant one pleads for His Forgiveness.  Teshuvah is marked by great joy.

One example of a real ba'al teshuvah is the prostitute Rahab who helped protect the Israelite spies as they reconnoitered the land. Because of Rahab's teshuvah she and her family were spared from death as the Israelites conquered the city. Rahab is remembered in the Tanakh as a person who came near to HaShem and His people through turning from sin and returning to HaShem through words and actions. Rahab is one of the women in the direct lineage of the Mashiach.  What an awesome example of Teshuvah and the fruits it bears.

The Rabbis say that Rahab acknowledged HaShem G-d more than Jethro and Naaman, declaring that He was G-d on both heaven and earth. Baba Bathra 120b  

The Rabbis also taught: There have been four women of surpassing beauty in the world -- Sarah, Rahab, Abigail and Esther. Megilah 15a

What are we working on this week?

1.We need a notebook or a journal

  -as we have stated before. NOW write:

2.Who do I need to seek forgiveness from?

3.Is there someone I need to talk to?

4.Are there one or two Mitzvot I haven't done so well or at all?

5.What are two things I did this past year that I am very proud of?

6.What are two things that I did last year that I am ashamed 

- two things that do not reflect who I really am?

7.Write three one sentence goals that I am going to use for this study.

8.What are the most important qualities I want to develop that will

reflect who I really am?

9.How do I become the person we want to be?

10.Who are two people I admire?

Blessings and Peace

Rebbetzin Revi


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