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Parshat Tazria: Closeness to Hashem ©

Parshat Tazria

By Leah

This parshat study is dedicated to the loving memory of Sue Elder, may she rest in peace and her memory be for good.

Perek 12, passuk 8 states: 

But if she cannot afford a sheep, then she shall take two turtledoves or two young doves, one for an      elevation-offering and one for a sin-offering; and the Kohen shall provide atonement for her and she    shall become purified. The Stone Edition The Chumash, ArtScroll Series; Rabbi Nosson Scherman/Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, General Editors (Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah Publications, Ltd., Third Edition) p 609.

The commentary offered by the Stone Chumash on the phrase one for an elevation-offering is as follows:

Although the service of the sin-offering is performed first, the Torah Mentions the elevation-offering first, because it symbolizes the goal of the entire service: to achieve closeness to [G-d] and become dedicated to Him. Ibid.

The goal of the entire service is to achieve closeness to G-d. Our offerings also have the goal of achieving closeness to Hashem. What are our offerings? Repentance is one. A friend pointed out that davening (prayer) is an offering. Meditation is another. When I see a beautiful sight in nature, sometimes an offering of gratitude wells up from within my heart and I feel a certain closeness to Hashem. There are moments in prayer and meditation that I experience a closeness to Hashem. Baruch Hashem. I am so grateful for those moments! 

Do you ever experience a kind of closeness to G-d? Would you share it with us?

A side note, you may have noticed that I bracketed  [-] Hashem's Name in the above quote. That's because the Stone Chumash, like other siddurim and seforim, spell out the Name of G-d because the author and publisher have the expectation that the publication will be a permanent part of a library, not something the purchaser would ever throw away; something to be passed on, not destroyed.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. I hope you will join the discussion with questions and/or comments.

Blessings and Peace,



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