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 Violence - Is there Hope? ©

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC

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Before we begin our discussion, my heart and the heart of the Rebbetzin goes out to those who suffered the loss of their life and those who lost family members in Connecticut and in other places in our world.  May they rest in peace.  The memories  of those who have gone on to the beauty of the next world will always be special.

A great deal is revealed about violence from the Bible.

 וַתִּשָּׁחֵת הָאָרֶץ לִפְנֵי הָאֱלֹהִים וַתִּמָּלֵא הָאָרֶץ חָמָס:

The earth was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

The inhabitants of the world were corrupt in the face of God the Judge.  This means improper acts were not hidden. They were open and very noticeable. This is where we are right now.  If I were to offer a discourse on the perverseness of our world the majority reading the discourse would say that I was old fashion, out of step and that society has moved on. If I were to list just ten changes every mother and father could immediately make that would dramatically change our world for the better they would ignore them. They would argue with me.  Why?

The definition of what is good has changed in every home!!  Society defines and redefines the definition of what is good.  The inhabitants of the world in Genesis 6.11 were corrupt in the face of God the Judge [ AND THEY DID NOT CARE!! ]  This is precisely where our world is today.  We do not look to God to define what good is.  We look to society to define what good is. Societies definition of good has move, and moved, and moved away from God's definition of good. 

Society teaches that one must change with the times.  Unfortunately many religious values have slipped and slipped and disappeared completely... God Teaches that mothers and fathers must maintain His values. And what do we do?  We do what we think is best.  The point is that if we do what we think is best then God is NOT guiding our world any longer. We are.  If we do what society says then society is guiding our world. Then we experience violence.  Then we ask the so called experts why our world is broken.  We question why one or two displaced individuals / sociopaths could bring such devastation and acts of violence to a peaceful community.

How is it that we can understand when an individual purchases a new auto they must follow the manufacture guidelines to properly maintain their auto BUT that same individual thinks they can manage their life without following God's Guidance? When we let our auto go it will eventually have problems.  When mothers and father let God's guidance slide there will eventually be problems.

Still following God's guidance will not eliminate the Cain's or the Ham's of the world.  Yet, following God's Guidance will make this world a much better place!!

We learn from the Torah portion of the Bible about violence. We note that there are twenty two Hebrew Letters and five final Letters.  Of these Letters two are very Mystical.  My this I mean one cannot tell what will happen with these Letters.  They are like a circle. We do not know where they begin or end.  they let nothing out. They are very hidden. These two Letters are a Mystery.  What happens with the two letters is difficult or impossible to understand.  Dear Ones this is how violence is. Violence is difficult or impossible to understand. VIOLENCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN DIFFICULT OR IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND.  This will NEVER change.  Violence is intended to be a mystery. 

The word for violence is חָמָס Hamas. Within the two Hebrew Letters that spell Hamas are the two mysterious Letters. The first Letter of Hamas is the Letter ח Chet. The Letter Chet is also the first Letter of Cha Ch Mah meaning Wisdom.  From this we understand that the violent are wise and very mysterious.  They are discreet. They take. They are opposite EVERYONE else!!  If anyone thinks they will stop the violent they are mistaken. They have these unique characteristics that are hidden. This is why their acts of violence is so difficult to detect. It's like they are always out in front.  It is like they are ahead of those that search for them... Again, They are opposite. 

So what does one do?? 

Can you imagine the world being filled with them?  Genesis 6.11 Says 'And the earth was full of violence.

Can you see that violent acts are becoming common place.  Violent acts are happening more frequently.  Violent acts are on the increase.  Will we reach the place where our world is full of violence like in Genesis 6.11?  It is possible.  It could happen. It depends on mothers and fathers. It depends on each of us. We each must ask our selves, am I willing to follow God's Guidelines? If we follow God's guidelines we will make our home... our world a better place.  How? Today we live in more of a gray world.  Our good values have become compromised!  Our values are not a crisp black and white.  When a nations values are a crisp black and white Hamas stands out. 

The violence we experience is do to our own depravity.  We do not realize how far we are away from God.  Can we really tell what is good in our house?  What is good in our life?  I do not think we want to consider just how disgusting each of us really are.  In the eyes of society we fit in fine.  Hamas fits in fine also... Hamas should NOT fit in fine. Society discloser to those that are opposite than to God.

We are bags of hot air!! We put pressure on politicians and law enforcement and courts etc to deal with the violence.  Yet, who is guiding our lives? Who is in control of our live? Are we doing what we want...? Are we doing what we think is OK?   Are we placing restrictions on our behavior? Are we following our Creator's Guidlines? Do we have the attitude that our Creator's Guidelines are to restrictive and out dated?

If we do not hold our selves accountable to what God requires our world will not get better. 

May we each feel the protection and encouragement of our Creator,

Blessings and Love and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk


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