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The Gospel Writers each offer a different perspective of Jesus last six days on Earth. They differ some.  It can be quite interesting and very challenging. Each goes to great measure sharing about Jesus last six days on earth. About 30 percent of Matthew, 33 percent of Mark, 30% of Luke and 40% of John share their individual views of the history of Jesus last six days of Jesus Life on Earth. The reader will learn a great deal of what happened from mornng to evening during the last six days of Jesus life on earth.

If you believe in Jesus this book will be very challenging. I started on this Journey almost 30 years ago with a desire to give my Baptist Congregation a historical view of Jesus last six days on earth. Since then I have returned to Judaism. I share some of the untold stories and fill in some of the blank pages... My journey can be of great help to you if you discern there are problems with the story the story the Christian Writers tell of Jesus last six days on earth.


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