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Here are two audios that will help us get an understanding on confusion.

Standing Up to and Defeating Giants

Order Dis-Order Confusion

Dear Dr. Akiva Gamliel,
These are just a few thoughts on Parshat Devarim Eikev  Standing Up To And Defeating Giants...

Confusion or clarity which do I want and need?
I was Blessed by this week's Parshat because it addressed current issues in my life.
How to defeat the giants in my life and how to have clarity and not confusion  is a skill one must learn to survive. When one leaves Christianity or other religions on finding out that these were only lies, one can become confused and lose the clarity they thought they had about the Way to Seek HaShem G-d.
At B'nai Noach Torah Institute these confusing issues are addressed and one is taught how to leave confusion and defeat behind.
This audio expands on how one can practically address this issue and bring clarity to one's life.
Which in turn brings Shalom Bait. Peace into one's life and into one's house.
Blessings and Peace come from focusing on Ha Torah and the Mitzvahs one is to Observe.
Blessings and peace,
Brachah Rivkah

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