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Spiritual Journeys Of Our Classmates Upon There Arrival...


Spiritual Journey One

At age 69, I’ve been on quite a journey.  For over 65 years, my path led in and out of many Christian faiths - from Catholic to Lutheran and then many other Protestant denominations, including Fundamental Baptists, Pentecostals and Charismatics.  I wasn’t just ‘a’ Christian, but an avid committed one, a Bible teacher and missionary.  Almost 3 years ago I was preparing to go to Israel and read a few books about Israel and Jews.  And somehow I got a book about The Ten Lost Tribes.

I had the most wonderful time of my life in Israel, constantly sensing

G-d’s Presence; I cried a lot; couldn’t explain why.  I had a baptismal experience where I strongly felt that G-d was telling me that with this ‘washing experience’ He was washing away all the untruths, half-truths and  ‘yuck’, and would begin to lead me into His Truth...

I had by this time discovered through lots of study, along with many tears, that Jesus was NOT G-d, nor was he the Jewish Messiah Jews had been looking for all these years, nor did he die to ‘take away my sins.’  I read Tovia Singer’s Workbook (among lots of other great works) and was reinforced in my new beliefs. The Torah and Tanach came alive for me and I could see that G-d had provided the way of forgiveness through Teshuvah (repentance) even before Creation. The ‘Way’ has always been there for everyone who would read (study!) and respond to G-d.  Of course, my family and friends thought I had gone crazy, had ‘lost my salvation,’ was probably demon possessed or worse, and needed to have the demons exorcised out of me.  Most of my ‘friends’ dropped me like a hot potato.  Only a couple remained ‘friends’ and I think that was primarily because they loved me and wanted to help me get back ‘on track’ – in other words, FIX ME!  Most of my family pretty much disowned me as they are all Christians.

After studying on the internet with an ex-Pastor of a Texas church, who has been seeking G-d’s Truth for about 20 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a B’nai Noachide, seeking to follow the Jewish way, studying Torah through B’nai Noach Torah Institute via the internet...

I shall continue to learn Torah and the Hebrew language as long as I have time left here on Earth, hoping and praying that  we will merit Mashiach’s coming in my lifetime; and am open to making aliyah if that opportunity should come about in the meantime.  I love Eretz Yisrael and G-d’s Chosen People.

Sincerely grateful to be learning The Truth before I die,



Spiritual Journey Two

Dear Dr. Akiva Gamliel,

In the beginning my family was Baptist.  My mother divorced and married a Catholic so we became Catholic.

I married at age 19 but we never went to church.  Turns out he was an abusive alcoholic.  I was married for 24 years and had two sons. 

When I was 30 I went back to the Catholic Church and got involved in the charismatic movement.  After a while I left the Catholic Church and went to a non-denominational church.  I had an experience with a priest that almost destroyed my faith so I had to leave.

About 4 years ago I attended a study involving a book called Messiah 3.  I found out during that year that the Torah was not done away with and is to be followed.  I have since learned that there is no such thing as a trinity of gods and that Jesus never claimed to be god.  I am not sure if he is messiah or not.  My western concept of messiah is completely different from what I am beginning to understand is the Hebrew concept of Messiah. 

I now know that if Noachides follow the Noachide laws then they are assured a place in the next life.  I myself need more than that.  I believe that all the Torah that can be followed without a Temple should be followed.  I keep the Kashrut laws and observe the Sabbath.  I am also learning how to keep the feast days.  I do not do these as well as I probably should but I am learning and changing as I learn.  I was told by an Orthodox Rabbi that I cannot keep Shabbat unless I convert to Orthodox Judaism and that I have to spend a Shabbat in the home of an Orthodox family.  In St. Charles and St. Peters there is only one shul and I don’t think they are orthodox.  They meet only one day a month.  I cannot go to these that are called messianic shuls because they believe that Jesus is god.  There is only One G-d the One in the Torah.

I go to a Torah study once a week – we usually go over the parsha readings but sometimes do other studies.

I also go to a Kabbalah study once a week.

I have been trying to learn Hebrew but at my age learning is slow.  I am now 57 and have been divorced since 1991.  I do not date because at the time of my divorce I believed what the New Testament said that if a believer divorces they cannot remarry.  I work full time.  My youngest son who will be 33 this month still lives at home.  He works 2 jobs and still takes some college classes.  He has a 4 year degree but has not yet found a full time IT job.

I have no idea about what I am currently.  I am not Christian and I want more than being a Noachide.  So I don’t know what to do now.

I am hoping that this study will help me sort things out.  I know that only the Torah is inspired by G-d.  I did not know that in Judaism the Tanach was not considered inspired.

I received the CDs and have listened to the first two. I want to listen again then will send you an email.

Thank you so much for all the kindness I hear on these CDs. 

B. R.


Spiritual Journey Three

I cannot convert to Orthodox Judaism because I am married to a gentile.  I have studied extensively and am very drawn to Judaism.  I recently found a Rabbi close to me that is willing to work with me in my understanding of Judaism and in helping me prepare for conversion.  I would like to take this course because I want to learn all that I can.  When I study Judaism, read what is open to me as a gentile, etc., I feel like I've found a little bit of heaven.  I'm not interested in sharing or comparing any of the doctrines of my past.  I wasn't sure how to answer the question about my religion because I've just become more knowledgeable about B’nai Noach and I am listed on the rolls of Catholicism even though I will not practice that faith.

Most Kind Regards,



Spiritual Journey Four

Good morning,

I appreciate your correspondence explaining how your program works. I am looking forward to learning the teachings of Torah concerning B’nai Noach, as I have a huge interest in Judaism.

I was told by my mother a few years ago that my maternal great grandmother was Jewish.  I did not know that, as I was raised Christian, as she was, and my grandmother was.  I don't know why or when my family ancestors converted to Christianity.

But, what is interesting about all of it is that I have been drawn to  Judaism for many years, and have studied it, and practice it (without the benefit of a Rabbi or synagogue services).  My husband does as well.

It was not until last year that we even heard about B’nai Noach.

I would love to make full conversion, as I have already lived as a Jew for several years.  But, that is not an option for me, as my husband is non Jewish and does not want to convert.  He says that for him, living  a Jewish life instead of Christianity is good, and he doesn't want to move to a place where there is a Jewish community.

Anyway, we have studied some from the internet concerning B’nai Noach, and I want to learn more.

We both believe in only One True G-d, and know that everything we learned in Christianity was false.  So, I think that B’nai Noach is probably the direction I need to move toward as far as having guidance and not studying completely on my own as I have for so many years now.

I am excited, and don't know that I will be able to do well in the classes, but will do my best.

Thank you again for the opportunity to correspond with you, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to at least fill out your application for a free class.

If this one goes well and I am allowed to enter the class, I will plan to continue on in your paid program as well.

Thank you,



Spiritual Journey Five

Dear Naomi,

First of all I'd like to say thank you for being completely upfront with what your institution believes and teaches.  I believe that it is very important to anyone beginning study.  I listed Christianity as my religion, because it is what I have grown up learning and have no other way to classify my faith.  Recently I have begun to feel disconnected with Christianity (but not my faith in G-d) and started researching various other schools of religious thought.  After much searching and contemplation, and ultimately inner reflection, I find myself truly identifying more with the teachings of Judaism and Spirituality than with Christianity.  This is something I have been researching and thinking about for quite some time and I feel that I've come to a place where I need someone to really teach me what it's all about, which is why I e-mailed you about the free class.  I can assure you that it is not my aim to cause conflict with anyone.  I simply feel that I am being led this way and want to learn all that I can.  I hope that you can understand and identify with where I'm at and what I'm trying to say... I know sometimes words don't seem to capture the true feelings, butI hope that you can see my sincerity and desire to learn more about Judaism and Spirituality.  I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!  I hope this message finds you well and I eagerly await your response.




Spiritual Journey Six

Shalom Dr. Gamliel,

My Hebrew name is [Rachel] I chose this name 2 years ago when I returned from my first trip to Israel.  I have a Yiddish name but felt the need to have a Hebrew name.  I was named after my maternal grandfather.

Six years ago I left the business world and began to teach Religious School in a Reform Synagogue.  I started teaching 5th grade Torah and learned along with my students.  I was not and still am not well versed in Torah and feel a strong pull to learn.  In the last few years I have also been teaching 3rd grade and Confirmation.  In all the grades now we are using Hebrew names and I am teaching the students the conversational Hebrew that I myself have begun to learn.

It is the Confirmation program that led me to you.

The first year I created a Holocaust curriculum.  We became part of the Adopt-A-Survivor Program of the Jewish Educational Assoc. of Whippany, NJ. 

The second year after my visit to Israel, I decided to concentrate on Israel and with help again from the JEA, we had students from Israel deepen the learning of the Confirmation Class.  These are the 8th grade to 10th grade students.

Last year, I asked (as I always do) what they wanted to learn next year.  The subject of Kaballah was mentioned.  Being interested myself, I started research.  One of the sources led me to your website.

I am not clear about my spiritual path.  I know that while I have learned a lot in my synagogue, there is still a big divide between Reform philosophy and what I believe.  I have always believed in G-d, don't know why or where it came from but it has always been there.  My heart, soul, being, whatever you want to call it, longs to connect to G-d, hence my own interest in Kaballah.

I have no idea where B'nai Noach Torah Institute will lead me, just that it seems the perfect place for me right now.

I received the CDs yesterday and listened to some of the first one.  I am about to continue now.

Thank you for your blessings,



Spiritual Journey Seven

I just read your article on the New Testament and would like to comment on it.  You  wrote:

In fact Paul had no knowledge of what is now called the New Testament. So when Paul was stating the words, All scripture is given by inspiration of

G-d.., he was ONLY making reference to the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings. He was not making reference to the New Testament.

I thought you might want to know what is going on with church today.  I am a former church member who is not alone in agreeing totally with you.  Thousands upon thousands of us today are coming to the same realization, that all Scripture was indeed the Tanach.   And once we began to read the NT with those eyes we began to see Torah EVERYWHERE.  Indeed all those early believers kept Torah - of course they did, they were Jewish, as was [Jesus]. 

This is turning our world on its ear.  We are now no longer keeping Easter and Christmas but Passover and Sukkot.  We now understand why [Jesus] said he did not come to do away with the Torah.  We are now turning to the Rabbis (such as yourselves) for understanding - and we are in love with the Torah.  We are eating kosher now (per Lev 11) and wearing tzitzit.  And we are getting kicked out of our churches.  (No doubt a good thing.)

So we no longer see ourselves as Christian but strangers and aliens who are returning to Torah.  No, we do not accept the Oral Torah and we do not keep Torah as our Rabbinic brothers.  (Many of us camp out for 9 days for Sukkot).  We light candles on Shabbat.  And we love our Jewish brothers.  The Torah is indeed going forth from Jerusalem.  And of course we see Jesus in an entirely different light.  Slowly, ever so slowly we are beginning to realize that there is no way he could ever be Hashem.  And there is no way his death could ever replace repentance in Torah.  We see a strange parallel to the Book of Judges.  Within only one generation, the children of Israel lost it all - they totally backslid.  And so we see the church fathers who turned the heart of the Jewish believers of [Jesus] against their own roots and indeed it did not take long until they hated the Jewish people.  A classic case of repeating history if you don't learn from it.

So here we are kicked out of the church and not accepted by our Jewish brothers either.  We can totally understand as the Christians have done nothing but evil to the Jewish people - as a result of all the paganism they [the Christians] picked up along the way.  As for now, we can only hope for the day when we can find embrace in the arms of our Jewish brothers.  So many of us long for that!

So thank you, my brothers, for your excellent pages.  The words of Zec 8:23  coming to pass in our day!  How exciting.  Shalom Shalom,


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