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by Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Jewish, Husband, Father, Grandfather and Step Great Grandfather

A.A. Long Beach City College,
B.A. Southern California Bible College,
M.A. Southern California
Theological Seminary,
D. Th. Southern California
Theological Seminary,
D. Th. Denver Charismatic
Theological Seminary

Individual Study:
Rabbi Dovid Nusbaum, Bais Medrash at Yeshiva Toras Chaim,

Hornosteipler Rebbe,
Ha Rav Mordicai Tewerski

Group Study:
Rabbi Yaakov Meyer, Aish Denver
Rabbi Yisroel Engel, Director,
Colorado Chabad

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Visit at https://www.facebook.com/akiva.belk

Dr Akiva Gamliel Belk

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Dean of Jewish Studies
B’nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC –

Author & Businessman:

Rabbi Jesus Genealogy Chart

Dear Friend listed below are a few of the Learning Groups on Facebook. Perhaps one of the following Groups maybe of of interest. Please feel welcome to join. The posts on my wall and these groups are Jewish and Noachide. We DO NOT welcome post from other religious beliefs. We are NOT inter faith.

613 Mitzvot
We study the 613 Mitzvot of Ha Torah one at a time using the 2 volume set - The Commandments by Rambam / Maimonides. This is an excellent place to begin for Jews returning to Judaism and for Jews who want to review the 613 Mitzvot. This is also an excellent place for Noachides to learn the Mitzvot Commanded to them by our Creator.

Bereisheit Limood
God Willing our goal is to study one chapter from The Book of Genesis each week. All are welcome.

Christians With Questions
Dear Friends you are invited to join our group, Christians with Questions. Our purpose is to assist Christians and anyone with questions about their Testament.
However NOT everyone can join. The purpose of this group is to answer sincere honest questions. This group is open to all who show RESPECT! Our intent is NOT to argue with Christians or Messianic's. And our intent is NOT to insult Christians by being disrespectful or by using terms that are disrespectful. Our goal is NOT to convert anyone to Judaism.
Former Christians know why they stopped believing in Jesus, why they do not believe Jesus is God, why they do not believe Jesus is the son of God and why they do not believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.
I invite former Christians to join this group and express what you have learned. Share why you are not a Christian or Messianic any longer. What CHANGED things for you?
QUESTIONS... Many questions will not be answered in this group. We do not want Christians with Questions to become a battlefield of who is right and who is wrong.

Learn Hebrew
Our goal is to learn Hebrew. This will require 15 minutes of practice each day.

Passover Discussion is an Open Group. All are invited to join and participate. We will Discuss topics pertaining to Passover. Please be careful not to judge this group based on the name of our textbook: PASSOVER - Jesus Last Six Days On Earth. This group will share a great deal of very good information about Passover as well as point out a number of issues with the Foreign Testament’s claims about Passover. Everyone will benefit, i.e. Jews, Noachides and Christians. The group is fair honest and level... I provide plenty of verifiable references.

To view some of the Books authored by Dr. Akiva Gamliel please visit: http://bnti.us/books.html

To share in our labor of love please donate at: http://bnti.us/donate.html
We are not a 501c3. We reserve the right to legally speak out about activities in our government without repercussion. Please be assured that every contribution is appreciated.

Let’s enjoy the Blessings of learning Ha Torah together. May our Creator Bless you with Health, Prosperity, and much Happiness as we learn and Observe Ha Torah together…

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk
Dean of Jewish Studies
B’nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC




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