Hebrew is the original language of the universe. The Lord God Created the Universe with ten utterances spoken from the Hebrew language. Hebrew is separated from all other languages of the world. We call It Loshon Kodesh, the Holy Language. Within the pages of this book are Spiritual Revelations that can help us. One of the Revelations has to do with The Letter ת Tav. The Letter ת Tav is the last letter of the Word אוֹת Oht Throughout Loshon Kodesh the Letter ת Tav Mystically appears as the first Letter of a Word which does not begin with The Letter Tav. This is a Mystical Phenomena that cannot be translated into any other language. This Mystical Phenomena is exclusive to The Words of Ha Torah. Our Creator Instructed Moshe to place The Letter Tav in front of certain HEBREW WORDS that He Desired to change the Numerical Calculation on and to Give the reader a Sign. The purpose for Giving a Sign is to indicate that this is a good place to spend time studying. There is a hidden Revelation here. Geometry and mathmatical calcuations and translations do not reveal what is in Loshon Kodesh! Only experienced individuals who have walked these paths look for these special Mystical signs in the Hebrew Text of The Hebrew Scriptures. This is only one example of the many signs within Loshon Kodesh.

Lets say for example that the Word emphasized in Hebrew in The Torah by The Letter Tav was לָמֹד meaning to learn. The Word לָמֹד Law Mohd would become תִּלְמַד Tee Lih Mad which still means to learn. The Gematria relationship would change from being 74 to 474.

Law Mohd
To Learn
ל30 מ40 ד4 = 74
Tee Lih Mad
ת400 ל30 מ40 ד4 = 474

The meaning which is translated does not change. However the Mystical revelation changes. There is NO WAY for other languages to reflect the Mysticism in the translation. Lets say that we still wanted to try to reflect the Mysticism into the English language. Let's say we chose the Letter Z to do this. Now where would we place the Letter Z. Would we write zto learn or to zlearn? Then if one were to do this how would they mine in the English language for the hidden revelation? How would they explore in English? The point is that the revelation is hidden among the Letters and numerical Revelations within Hebrew. It is possible to translate what is hidden into English.

Dear Ones, a great deal of diligent research is necessary to learn Torah Truths and to find answers and to receive revelations... Hebrew Letters and Numbers are a Sign and contain many revelations. Gematria is only a small portion of what is hidden in the Letters, Numbers, Words, Phrases, etc., of The Hebrfew Language. Hebrew Letters and Numbers are NOT numerology!! Hebrew Letters and Numbers are NOT geometry!! Please do not be fooled by all the discussions trying to broaden the boundaries of what The Lord God ONLY Established just among The Hebrew Letters and Numbers!!

There are untold thousands upon thousands of Revelations hidden within the Letters and Numbers of Hebrew that translators are entirely oblivious too. These are the Revelations I try to share in the discussions in this book. This is why they are call Mysterious signs or Mystical revelations... They are NOT magical! The Revelations are Holy and Spiritual. The Hidden Revelations have great potential not understood by the human mind... Return to Books by Dr. Akiva Gamliel