Welcome to B'nai Noach Torah Institute's Ruach Ha Ohr Audio Library

Terms and Conditions

To use our Audio Library it is necessary to agree to the following:
- Agree not to share Ruach Ha Ohr Audio Library's private links with others. Why? Every time a link is clicked on, this costs B'nai Noach Torah Institute. If I share a link with others I understand and agree to pay all charges incurred. This means if I share one link with a friend and they share with a friend, etc. I will pay all fees resulting from this.

- Agree to click only once on an audio link. If the link does not load on my computer, I will contact B'nai Noach Torah Institute. I will not continue clicking on the link. If I continue clicking on the link I understand that I will be charged for every time I click on the link.

- Agree to follow audio download procedures {How To Use Audio Feed} as defined by B'nai Noach Torah Institute.

- Agree to save the audio download to my computer or to a CD.  If I download the same audio again I will be charged for it. I agree to pay for such charges if incurred.

- As a Ruach Ha Ohr Audio Library user I understand that after I download the audio onto a CD it is OK to
give copies of the CD to friends and loved ones. I agree not to charge for any CD from the Ruach Ha Ohr Audio Library.

- As a Ruach Ha Ohr Audio Library user, I agree to not post audio discussions from Ruach Ha Ohr Audio Library on the internet. I understand these audio discussions are the exclusive property of B'nai Noach Torah Institute.

- I understand that B'nai Noach Torah Institute may end my user agreement with Ruach Ha Ohr Audio Library at any time without notice or reason.

You may contact us at:
q @ b n t i . u s {Remove Spaces}