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Thank you for visiting. Presently we are offering an exciting course entitled Bereisheit 113. Bereisheit means beginning. The normal charge for Bereisheit 113 is $90.00 plus the admin fee of $36.00.
However, we invite anyone to enroll in Bereisheit 113 for FREE. There are no course fees or charges. The textbooks for Bereisheit 113 are your Bible and Strong's Concordance. This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to try an AT YOUR OWN PACE COURSE from B'nai Noach Torah Institute that allows students to take their time. We do not rush you. This means you can take the course quickly or in your leisure time.

Please keep in mind that B'nai Noach Torah Institute is a Jewish / Spiritualist Institute of higher learning. This means we teach the beliefs Given by the Creator to Moses on Mt. Sinai. This also means there will be a few important observances regarding the Names of our Creator that all students are required to follow. They are easy to learn. Our Creator's Name Is Holy. Everything about our Creator Is Holy. We teach our students how to honor the Holy Names of G-d. Honoring the Holy Names of G-d is an exciting learning adventure.

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, like all colleges and universities, requires proper grammar and spelling. This is easy! Students simply use text software that automatically assists with spelling and grammar at the push of a button. Most computers come with this type of software built in. This kind of software helps with the majority of spelling and grammar issues. We discuss the observances and rules at Course Requirements if you desire more information. After the first or second lesson the observances and rules come naturally.

Normally we require all who learn at B'nai Noach Torah Institute to first enroll in and successfully complete the Five Step Enrollment Process before taking any formal course of study. We waive that requirement for this course.

Course Information
Dr. Akiva Gamliel is the Instructor for Bereisheit 113. He is assisted by an excellent group of Teachers that grade each assignment and answer your questions. We encourage students to ask questions and make comments.

Bereisheit 113 covers interesting subjects from Ha Torah {Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). For example, in Lesson One Dr. Akiva Gamliel shares about Genesis 1.26, 27, Let Us Make Man. This passage is misunderstood. He helps to unravel the complexities.

In Lesson Three, A Covering For Sin, Dr. Akiva Gamliel explains the covering the Creator used for Adam and Eve's nakedness. To many the answer is surprising! In addition to Ha Torah's Explanation he offers references from ancient texts that are thousands of years old. Most of these texts are available in English.

In Lesson Five, Match, Matches and Divorce, Dr. Akiva Gamliel shares what the perfect match is. He also discusses divorce. He untangles the divorce maze brought about by incorrect doctrines. His discussion helps to calm, to heal and to open the door to new possibilities for those who are divorced and those who are tormented with a bad marriage.

In Lesson Ten, Generations / Genealogies, Dr. Akiva Gamliel offers some special insights into the importance Biblical genealogies. He explains the importance of genealogies and gives some incredible examples.

All in all, there are about eighteen audio lessons. We do each lesson in order. Each lesson builds upon the other. We send lesson one to you in an MP3 audio format with several essay questions. It is necessary to download the audio, to listen to the lesson and to do the essay questions before we will send the next lesson. Each lesson consists of an MP3 audio download attachment which ranges from about 18 to 32 minutes. With high speed internet it normally requires less than several minutes to download. Only a brief answer is required but longer answers are fine. You are welcome to ask questions that pertain to the course.

Bereisheit 113 Is An Eye Opener
Even though Bereisheit 113 is a popular course, individuals considering enrollment need to be aware that some of the lessons in Bereisheit 113 disprove New Testament doctrines with references. It is possible that Bereisheit 113 will answer plaguing questions about New Testament doctrines as well as clear up some confusion. Bereisheit 113 will open new doors, reveal G-d's Light, reveal G-d's Plan for humankind from the beginning and help peel away centuries of false teachings. This course will be helpful if you have a desire to learn the Truth...

Enroll Here
Fill out the fourteen question Enrollment Form and review our our terms then send it to us. We assign you a Teacher. Your Teacher will contact you with a Welcome Letter, the first lesson and two essay questions.

Audio Library
We encourage those who are thinking about advancing their Torah Education to visit our Audio Library. You can sign up for audio discussions of the Weekly Parsha or the Weekly Limood. This will give you a feel for Dr. Akiva Gamliel's style of teaching before you begin The Five Step Learning Process.

Spiritual Journeys of Classmates
We invite you to read Spiritual Journeys of our classmates. We posted a few Spiritual Journeys to help those desiring to learn at B'nai Noach Torah Institute receive an awareness of what classmates learning here have experienced.

Private Study
If you would like to study on your own, please click on the audio links below in the table boxes. No one is involved. No Teachers... No Questions... Just you and the audio. After listening to these audios you can ask questions through the E-mail box at the bottom or sign up for the Free Course above. May this course be a blessing to you...

6 - Holiness In Marriage 7 - Each After His Own Kind

If you are coming out of a religion and are feeling
confused here are two audios that will help.

Standing Up to and Defeating Giants

Order Dis-Order Confusion

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